"Hi guys I am so happy, I am so glad that finally I get a really nice podcast of English because I spent last year in an experience in an exchange program and I came back and I can’t hear/listen to good conversation. I study on Saturdays in a school. I keep in touch with my friends in exchange programs but we just have short conversation, it’s not the same. When I hear your podcast i feel so close, it’s so nice, I can really keep in touch and study and improve my intonation, my accent. Thanks a lot for your good job, congratulations, you are amazing."
Fernanda, Brazil
"Hi guys my name is Asli I am from Turkey and every night when I go to sleep I am listening to your podcast. Not just for learning English, it also makes my worldview wiser so keep going on and thank you for your podcast."
Asli, Turkey
"Hey Lindsay, hey Gabby. My name is Sarah. I'm from Iran, Tehran. I've been listening to your podcast for a while.I play your podcast every single morning and I enjoy it so much because you are such an inspiration to me. You kind of changed my life.You are expanding my English knowledge abilities in a way that I couldn't imagine. I just want to thank you and tell you that you guys are perfect and you are amazing. Thank you for your work and thank you for giving us such amazing podcasts."
Sarah Aziziyan

"Hi I’d like to say I really appreciate your job. I am sure my English is better today than the day I met All Ears English Podcast. Congratulations and thanks for existing. My name is Saulo. I am from Brazil."
Saulo, Brazil
"Everyday I am listening your “All Ears English Podcast” on my commuting train. It’s very practical English and helpful to understand those real spoken English. Adding those things, Gabby and Lindsay seem very friendly each other and it may make us listeners happy."
Yuji, Japan
“Hi my name is Sergio from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’d like to thank you girls. I am so grateful for your great lessons, your happy mood, your tone of voice. Thank you man, you are part of my life now.”
Sergio, Brazil
"After listening to a lot of English Learning Podcasts, I discover this amazing and dynamic website that pushes my English to the roof. It goes without saying, it is absolutely educational and informative. There is so much to intake and enjoy.Miss Lindsay and Miss Gabby work well together and sound great ! They love international people and are extremely enthusiastic!They help people from all walks of life. They deserve good praise and reward. Wish them the best !!!"
Hello Lindsay, Hi Gabby! My name is Keiko. I am Japanese, living in Japan. I just wanted to say thank you so much for your podcast. I love, love, love your podcast- not only because it’s only 5 minutes and easy to listen to, but also because you guys have a lot of useful information about English- real English, which I can barely get in Japan. Your talk is always fun, so you guys are my motivator. The first time I listened to your podcast, I was sort of shocked to know how native English conversation was different from the one we learned from textbooks. Thank you so much for this fun and informative podcast. I am glad to have this opportunity to give my vote to you. Now I have a dream- my dream is to talk to you someday and be in person as a guest. I am looking forward to your next episode.
Keiko, Japan
"In advance, I want to thank and congratulate to you for your work in your Podcasts, they have had a really impact in my listening skill and now my speaking."
"I wanna thank you so much about your efforts. Really you have done a lot for us. Everyday I try listening to your podcast. Actually your podcast is the greatest one I have heart in my life,because you speak a pure American accent in easy way. Obviously I could not understand the entire conversation but I get the idea 🙂 . I have read the new book of how to learn English with podcast. It's an amazing book. Thank you for everything you try to give us."
"Thanks so much! Very useful podcast"
"Very nice podcast. Enjoy a lot! Hope more. Thanks so much!"
“Hi my name is Sergio from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’d like to thank you girls. I am so grateful for your great lessons, your happy mood, your tone of voice. Thank you man, you are part of my life now.”
Sergio, Brazil
"Hi Gabby and Lindsay, I’m Japanese student. I love to study English! So I want to speak English more. And I want to communicate with many people. Please teach me many knowledge of English!!"
Shuhei, Japan
"I started listening to your podcast a few months ago. I love it very much! I have listened to several kinds of American podcast programs on my favorite topics for years. They are fun and I have gotten useful information from them. The only problem with them is since each show has only one host I can't learn how to respond to the other person naturally in conversation. I was able to answer teacher's question and explain something (not perfectly by any means) but I couldn't keep conversation going before I found your show. I have learned a lot about how to do it from All Ears English.That has given me a little confidence and my English teachers gave me a better grade. Thank you so much!"
Nao, Japan
"Hi, this is yongki kim in Korea. In these days, I always listen to your potcast on my way home. It’s very useful to learn about American culture and foriegn contry. Also how and what think the women like you. Just I want that every conversation would be more longer. It’s about 4~5minutes. So wish your answer quickly. Very very thank you!!"
Yongki, Korea
"Hi dear Gabby, hi dear Lindsay. I am 27 years from Iran. I just want to say thank you and thank AJ from Effortless English. I listen to your podcast and they are AWESOME. YOU ROCK!!!THANK YOU"
Absalan, Iran
"Hey Gabby and Lindsay,I’m a senior student of college and I’m from China, I found your podcasts on itunes,it’s really good for my English learning 。I can understand all sentences except for some words i don’t know . I really want to learn English well, as Gabby used to say, education is the key to freedom,and i believe english can bring me more opportunities. I ‘m looking forward to more episodes in the future. Actually,the most wanted for me is i hope one day I can talk to you, lol. I do love your episodes fighting"
Tingue, China
"Hi Girls, I listen to your podcast everyday, I like the way you pronounce, I really wanna learn English from you. Pls give me some better ways, thx!"
Really like this one,“We want you to make English a part of your everyday life so you can feel comfortable with it.” To be honest, I have listened your awesome AEE everyday in the past half year. I love your podcast, I try to make English a part of my daily life all the way, like you said. I am still on the way. Thank you !Lindsay and Gabby!
Shannon, China
"You are doing a great job. Thanks"
Hello Girls ! I am really glad to hear you everyday in the morning when i going to the work. Yours conversation are very funny and simple to hear. Chiefly know about a conversation of native persons…..what phrases are right and which one are out. Lindsay and Gabby, i am very greatful for your friendly podscat and how you make my learning of english become easier.Regards from Chile!!!!
Constanza, Chile
"I love the way you guys making the all ears English program!! Keep going!! I started 2 weeks ago and listened all the programs! In the train, while I was running, on the seat, etc… It is a fine and easy way to start somewhere and I like the positivity! You go girls!!"
Carla, Netherlands
"Hi, Gabby and Lindsay. I’m a Spanish student. Congratulations for the podcast! It’s a fresh and different way to enjoy learning English. Thank you for your fantastic program. It encourages me to continue working and trying to improve. I thank you all!"
Diego, Spain
"Hello! I am a new listener of your PODCAST and I am enjoying it very much! Thank you! Congratulations for your work! It helps us to improve our english! Bye!"
"Hello Lindsay & Gabby, Congratulations on your 100th episode!!! I started from episode 29 and your podcast immediately became my favorite. Then I went back to the first episode and have been waiting for the episode 100 to say congrats 🙂 My favorite episode is about the song “Happy” and it is good to hear about your experiences in Japan. Also, I guess it is a great idea to invite guests to your podcast to expand our English experiences."
Tatsuo, Japan
"I listen to ” All Ears English” every day. It is good opportunity for me to experience of hearing vivid English conversation."
"Learning English from AEE is that I’m interested in and passionate, and, I hope that it can be my strength."
"Thank you so much for your podcast. You make me to happy and fun when I listening. I will follow your podcast."
"Hi, I wanna listen to English conversation which is talked by native. I discovered All Ears English site the other day and then make effort to get more."
"Thank you so much Lindsay and Gabby I really enjoy all of these podcasts."
Sarah Jun, Korea
"Hi friends!! I am really hooked to your podcasts, its an outstanding way to improve my English. Thanks for everything!! Keep it going!"
Victor de Paz
"Hi. really thanks to whatever u r doing. I’m really glad to join u"
"I enjoy this program in Japan. For English learnerers like me, this podcast is very useful. Not only speaking English but also listening skill, I practice English with this podcast. This podcast pick up every situations from food order to business occasion. That’s the point I like this podcast. And most of all, Lindsey and Gabby are so cool!! I hope this podcast will last FOREVER. Thank you."
Yoshi, Japan
"I have to say I am very happy that I have found your websites. In fact it was actually accident because I heard about you (and you lively) in the Effortless English show with AJ Hoge and you mentioned your web. And I am very curious :-), I had to checked it. It was really good choice.Your podcasts are wonderfull. Of course I do not understand everything but the main purpose is to became advanced learner from the intermediate level. Your podcasts are great for that.As I mentioned I am "independent" learner, so I will combine my stuff with yours. I listen AJ Hoge, Steve Kafmann and other interesting things for me. Now I can add something new from you, perfect. It is true that this type of listening (real spoken English between native speakers) was something what I wanted to add into.Sorry, that you cannot see this in iTunes, so at least this path... If I have another chance encourage you different way, I will do that with pleasure :-)"
Kukec, Czech Republic
"Hi girls! I’m Javier from Perú. Your podcast are quite awesome! I enjoy every single podcast while I'm driving to work! It’s perfect for me! Thank you girls!"
Javier, Peru
"Hi, I’ve discovered your podcast 8 months ago. At first I listened all previous episodes and then started following everyday.You both speak as understandable as possible for students trying to learn English. I'm able to catch nearly every word that you say.You both having fun while you are podcasting and it reflects to us as positive energy and motivation. Thank you for publishing a great podcast. Please continue to have fun ;)"
“I cannot stop smiling whenever I listen not only ultimately joyful and but also totally inspiring episodes of your great work.I thank you from all my heart for your priceless contribution to our english learning ultra-marathon. You kill the pain during the process of learning and make learning delightful. Warmest Regards.”