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About Us All Ears EnglishThrow away your boring old grammar book and your dictionary!

When it comes to learning English, we believe in Connection NOT Perfection!

Come hang out with Lindsay, Michelle, and Jessica on the All Ears English Podcast! We are here to help you relax, have fun, and learn real, natural English.

You will also find out more about American culture, why American people do what they do, and how you can feel more comfortable living in the United States.

In our podcast we discuss current cultural topics and we show you idioms, phrases, and new vocabulary words that will help you connect in English. We also give you strategies for learning English and motivation and inspiration to keep going!

Our 3 Keys IELTS Success System and IELTS Energy episodes will get you ready for test day to help you achieve your career and life goals!

We will inspire you!

We will motivate you!

We will make you laugh!

Come join the All Ears English community!


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Meet Your Teachers


Lindsay McMahon, “The English Adventurer”

MA Intercultural Relations, TESOL Certificate 

Lindsay McMahon, Co-host, All Ears English

Hi everyone! I want to help you finally move beyond your current level of English.

I have been teaching English as a Second Language (ESL) for more than 10 years.

I have taught in Japan, Argentina, Guatemala, New York City, and here in Boston. In my free time, I like to travel and explore, work on my Spanish, and meet new people.

Come get to know me on the All Ears English Podcast and the IELTS Energy Podcast! See you there.


Michelle Kaplan, “The New York Radio Girl”

MA TESOL, BA Arts/Theatre

Michelle Kaplan, All Ears English Co-hostI am originally from Washington, D.C., but moved to New York nearly five years ago.

I received my MA in TESOL at The New School in 2014 and have been working in the field ever since. I studied theatre in college and worked in broadcast and radio for several years.

I believe learning should be more than just sitting down and studying. I feel that if students are motivated by a fun classroom atmosphere and interesting subject matter, they will learn the language in a more effective way. I enjoy teaching pronunciation and have a special passion for teaching English through music, television, and movies.
Travel is a huge passion of mine. I also love singing, writing and playing music, and comedy. I have even been known to bring in my guitar and sing in the classroom to create a lesson. Thanks for listening!


Jessica Beck, “The Preparation Pro”

MA Applied Linguistics, TESOL Certificate, ESL Test-prep Author

Jessica Beck All Ears English

Jessica has been a professional in the ESL industry for more than ten years.

She lives in Portland, Oregon with her family.

She is our IELTS professional and creates the IELTS Energy Podcast and IELTS Energy TV.

Click here to learn more about Jessica and the IELTS Exam.








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  • hamza


  • Rogerio Nazario

    HHello Girls! I first met you today, listening a podcast from English Funcast. I was driving to work, and thank God I bumped to you.
    I have to admit, The English spoken by you sounds like the most accurate music, I mean, exactly the kind a pronunciation that I love! Therefore, I became a big fan at the first sight!
    During this podcast you spoke about the abroad experiences, around Argentina, Brazil even Japan, that by the way, is very helpful cause you can compare the differences between the people and their preferences regarding language learning.
    So, Congratulations for the well done job, and for sure I´ll comment and recommend you to my English network.
    By the way, I could not stop talking, You´re a pretty beautiful!!!!
    Oh! If you have any questions about Brazil, or São Paulo, feel free to ask… I’ll be happy to answer.

    See you on All Ears English Podcast.
    Rogério Nazario
    São Paulo, Brazil

  • Hi Rogerio

    Thanks for your comment and we are glad that you found the podcast! Please let us know if you have episode topic requests or any feedback. We are happy to have you as a listener! Welcome!


  • Hi, this is yongki kim in Korea.

    In these days, I always listen to your potcast on my way home.

    It’s very useful to learn about American culture and foriegn contry.

    Also how and what think the women like you.

    Just I want that every conversation would be more longer.

    It’s about 4~5minutes.

    So wish your answer quickly.

    Very very thank you!!

  • Hi Yongki

    Thank you for your comment. We are glad that you like the podcast! Our episodes are short and that is by design! We believe that if you take just a few minutes to focus on English each day, you will have more improvement than if you studied for 1-2 hours just a few times each week. This is a new way of learning and we will think that it will work for you! We want you to make English a part of your everyday life so you can feel comfortable with it.

    If you want to go deeper with the lessons, you can use the premium transcripts (www.allearsenglish.com/conversations) and listen to the same episode 3-4 times while reading the transcript to understand the vocabulary words and phrases.

    Thanks again for listening!


  • Bruno Santana

    Hello! I am a new listener of your PODCAST and I am enjoying it very much!
    How do I insert my e-mail in your list so than you will write me, as you say in the end of your PODCASTs?

    Thank you! Congratulations for your work! It helps us to improve our english!


  • Hi Bruno

    Thank you for your note! You can get on our list at http://www.allearsenglish.com/win

    Welcome and thanks for listening!

  • Marie-France

    You go girls !!
    Congratulations on your podcasts, great job ! a wonderful creative approach to ESL.
    I’m a new subscriber and can’t wait to hear new posts. I’ll stay tuned.
    Warmest reagards,

  • Hi Marie- France

    Thanks so much for your message! Welcome to our podcast!

  • saman

    Hello girls…
    At first I’d like to say that It has been a great opportunity for me to get to know with you and your great accent(I love american accent)…keep doing great …But I have a suggestion if you don’t mind.I think you need to make your podcast longer cuz I can see most of them are around 5 min and second wouldn’t it be nicer if you let your listineres suggest for next topic that you are going to make??

  • Hi Saman

    Thanks for your comment! We are happy that you like the podcast.

    I want to respond to your feedback. Our episodes our short by design. That is because we want you to listen every day (4 times per week) and we want you to listen more than once to each episode to improve your comprehension (try to get 10% more each time). We think the short, regular method is more effective than longer episodes once per week.

    What do you think?

    And yes! We like to create episodes based on listener feedback! What do you want to learn? Please send us an email at [email protected]

    Thanks so much!


  • Fabio La Rizza

    Hi girls congrats for your podcast! I find it really useful and funny so I think you’re doing a great job. When I’m listening to your podcasts everything sounds so natural and understandable to me so why when it comes to movies o tv series eveything starts to be hard to understand?! It is because different accents, presence of idioms, phrasal verbs or what?? Thank you !


  • Hi Fabio

    How are you? Thanks for your message.

    We are really happy to hear that the podcast is easy for you to understand. Sometimes movies are much harder and actors use different accents that are not clear. Also you have music, distracting noises, etc. in a movie, right?

    I think you should continue listening to the podcast but then also try to watch a short movie segment each week- you can check episode 64 for advice on how to understand movies ok?

    Thanks again for listening!


  • Constanza Riquelme

    Hello Girls ! I am really glad to hear you everyday in the morning when i going to the work. Yours conversation are very funny and simple to hear. Chiefly know about a conversation of native persons…..what phrases are right and which one are out. Lindsay and Gabby, i am very greatful for your friendly podscat and how you make my learning of english become easier.

    Regards from Chile!!!!

  • Thanks so much! We are happy that you are a listener of AEE! Welcome!

  • Muscle Chan

    Hi, Ladies, I have listened your podcast for a week which really gives me a motivation to learn English more seriously. Your advice is very useful, especially listening your podcast when I wake up every morning. Looking forward to your updates. Thanks

  • Hi @musclechan:disqus how are you? Thanks for your message! Glad to hear that you are finding the podcast helpful! Keep listening and we will help you bring your level from intermediate to advanced! Have a great day!

  • nacho

    Can you say in English: I love to travel …? or it´s much better: I love travelling?
    love or like* …-ing!

  • Hi @nacho- thanks for your question. Basically you can say both “I like to travel” and “I like traveling” and the same is true with “I love to travel” and “I love traveling” There are very subtle differences between the two but the differences are not that important. Use either one and you will be fine! By the way, do you like traveling??

  • Tatsuo

    Hello Lindsay & Gabby,

    Congratulations on your 100th episode!!!

    I started from episode 29 and your podcast immediately became my favorite. Then I went back to the first episode and have been waiting for the episode 100 to say congrats 🙂
    My favorite episode is about the song “Happy” and it is good to hear about your experiences in Japan. Also, I guess it is a great idea to invite guests to your podcast to expand our English experiences.

    BTW, I tried to download the 100 phrases, but it seems it links to the 10 ways of learning e-book… It would be nice if you could check the download page.

    Best Regards,
    Tatsuo from Yokohama Japan.

  • Hi Tatsuo

    Thanks for your comment. We are really happy that you like the podcast! I am really sorry that you are having trouble accessing the 100 phrases eBook. We are having technical problems with that and we will do our best to get that resolved as soon as possible.

    Thanks again for being a listener of All Ears English!

  • Tatsuo Endo

    Hello Lindsay,

    Thank you for your support. The download page is working great!

    Best Regards,

  • Hi, today I subscribe to premium one after talking Lindsay. I’m going to folow your recomendations that there are in your book. Thanks.

  • Hi @joseantoniovelarde:disqus – Thanks for subscribing and welcome! We are available to answer your questions because you are a premium subscriber. You can email us directly with any questions and enjoy the transcripts. Please keep working hard on your English! We are doing a great job!

  • Shannon Chen

    Really like this one,“We want you to make English a part of your everyday life so you can feel comfortable with it.”To be honest,I have listened your awesome AEE everyday in the past half year.I love your podcast ,I try to make English a part of my daily life all the way,like you said.I am still on the way.Thank you!Linsay and Gabby!

  • Adriana

    Hello Girls, I am from Brazil, and I really enjoy this podcast!! And sometimes i travel to Boston, where I have relatives! Kisses!!

  • Hi @Adriana- how are you? It’s nice to hear from you and thanks for your message. If you are in Boston let us know and maybe we can meet you for a coffee!

  • antonio anzellotti

    Hi girls!
    Too bad you didn’t exist when I was a young boy dreaming of travels and adventures!
    Anyway I love listening all your podcast with my smartphone, while driving or walking.
    I always learn a lot from you

    Thank you!

  • Hi @Antonio Anzellotti- thanks for your message! I am glad to hear that you like the podcast and keep listening!

  • hutheifa

    hi there,

    I would appreciate your work. I have been learning English with Ajhoge for around 4 years. I have heard about your website through Ajhoge weekly show. Any way you are really doing good job. I have some inquiries: at first I have subscribed to get free copy of ebook but yet i didnt get any thing through my email. Secondly what is the difference between free podcast and English Premium Material. Do you think it is a must to buy these material to advance my language?

    Thank you.

  • Hi @hutheifa thanks for your question. I will email you directly.

  • Hutheifa

    Thank you.

  • Zia

    Hello Beautiful Angels, as a sudden I got the best Podcast (AEE) and enjoying it and am going NOT to leave you alone it means ‘please don’t give up and never leave us alone…’ 😉 hehehehe, this is my freaky English form, want you to make us correct. hope you continue ever. THANKS A LOT.

  • Hi @disqus_ulaJ1RomWN:disqus Thanks for your message and we are glad to hear you like AEE! Please share the podcast with your friends!

  • Sabs761010 .

    hi girls

    i just find this wonderful site,
    i like that you speak spanish too, because i´m from monterrey mexico
    well i hope learn a lot with you girls greetings.

  • Hi @sabs761010:disqus thanks for your message and welcome to AEE! We are so happy that you are a listener. Please share the podcast with your friends! Welcome to our community!

  • aziz

    i love u

  • Roman Kirian

    Guys you are amazing! I’ve been listening to your podcast for half a year and now I can’t imagine how could I live without it! Thank you for great things you do! I have a great pleasure to watch your video, I would like to see you more often. Have you planned to do some video of your episodes? It would be cool!

  • Hi @romankirian:disqus Hello! Thank you! What a nice compliment and we are so happy that you are a listener of AEE! Would you mind if we include your comment on our testimonials page? Please let me know! Yes, we will think about how we can add video more often! It’s a good idea! Talk to you soon!

  • Roman Kirian

    Sure! It will be my pleasure! I’m happy to be a part of AEE comunity!

  • Bassel (Egypt)

    I really luv you guys ) you doing a great job.. thx for the awesome episodes. Bassel (Egypt)

  • Hi @Bassel (Egypt) Thanks! We love our listeners too! We are happy to have you in our AEE community!

  • Luiz Carlos de Sá

    Hello Girls! very good. Thanks. I need to improve my English one day.
    Quinta do Sol city, Paraná state Brazil.

  • @luizcarlosdes:disqus How are you? Welcome to AEE and thanks for joining us! You can start improving your English now by listening to our podcasts four mornings per week. Get started and good luck!

  • Andrew

    Hi girls,

    The other day stumbled upon your podcast. Great job! But I have a tip for you:


    It’s a special tag, containing text info, which is embedded in every podcast. For you those are just empty for now. There you can add info, which is difficult to convey by just speaking, for example spelling of the words. Or you can list there useful expressions you use during podcast. Anyway, please pay attention, it’s a very nice and useful thing to have in your podcast! Email me if I can help you with any clarification.


  • @Andrew- thanks for your suggestion. We will consider it!

  • Guest

    Hi there!

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a week and I really like it. I find it’s a very good way to improve my English.

    I think you do a very good job! Keep on!

  • Rocío

    Hi there,

    I’ve been listening to your podcast for a week and I really like it. I find it’s a very good way to improve my English.

    I think you do a very good job! Keep on!

  • @rocorivero:disqus Welcome to AEE! I am glad that you are finding it helpful! Please keep listening and share it with your friends!

  • Keri

    Hi Lindsay & Gabby,
    Thank you both for the much needed inspiration you’ve sent me “virtually” today. I am in awe over how popular your podcast is and what incredible impact you are making with helping others learn English. I am struggling to even launch my website. I look forward to learning more about your amazing successes via social media. From someone in the start-up phase who appreciated a jolt of inspiration – Keri with Speech Party

  • @Keri- it was great chatting with you today! Keep working hard on your venture and have faith that it WILL work out! Just keep moving forward. Let’s talk again soon!

  • Sophie

    Hey Lindsay & Gabby! I really love your podcasts, they are really uplifting & intresting! Besides, your voices are euphoniously & sexy;-)

  • @disqus_bHTNErAiCC:disqus thanks so much! We work hard and we are happy that you are enjoying AEE!

  • hamid

    hi, I’m Hamid from Iran and I can’t get your free book “10 ways to learn English with a podcast” . help me to have this book.
    thank you for your excellent podcast

  • @disqus_mslx4dCrcy:disqus Thanks for letting us know. I have emailed you the ebook. Good luck and enjoy it!

  • hdeel al-tmeemy

    I love your podcast ,,
    i felt so sad when Gabi won’t join you in the show anymore 🙁
    you’re two are amazing with each other!!!! i love u two!!!
    but i felt sad, i feel i can’t adjust with the new co-host ,, although she’s great too , but i’m used to listen to Gabi ♥ and you Lindsi !!!!

    i’ll miss your podcast that you are two of you Gabi and Linsi !!!!

  • Eugene Kim

    Dear Lindsay
    I’m a huge fan of AEE.
    And I’d like to say your podcast is very helpful for my english studying.

    Recently I saw Jimmy Buffett’s quotation,
    “Fun is about as good a habit as there is.”

    I don’t know the meaning of this sentence
    and go so far as to suspect that it’s wrong grammatically.

    Would you help me solve this problem.

    Thank you in advance

    a sincere fan in S. Korea

  • @disqus_vn1aOSGdQi:disqus Hi there and thanks for listening to AEE! I am not exactly sure what he means by this but maybe he means that happiness and fun can become a habit and it’s a better habit than other destructive habits. Does that make sense? Please share AEE with your friends!!

  • John Carrillo

    Hi Guys,

    Well, as first thank You very much for your podcast it is really useful. Every week I am checking and downloading each new episode. I like so much the way you have of explain those doubts that make us or in my case make me so crazy with the grammar. I have to admit I like the American English more than the British English in many aspects, especially into the areas as speaking and listening and what about phrase and verbs? Anyway I am working everyday to improving it. Could you try to explain more about phrase and verbs, prepositions and pronunciation? Please.

    Kind regards from Madrid, tomorrow might be from whatever place on the world.

  • @mhemho:disqus Thanks for your message. We are glad to hear that you love the AEE podcast! Yes we will try to feature more phrasal verbs and pronunciation lessons on the podcast. Thanks again!

  • Damir Nišić

    I am from Bosnia and Herzegovina.

    I have wanted to improve my English, and fortunately, I found the best and most useful podcast ever 🙂

    Girls, you are great, thank you 🙂

  • @damirnii:disqus Welcome! Glad to see that you have found AEE. Please invite your friends to listen also!

  • First of all , I am so glad to know my new teachers . You really open my ears to listen to you !
    It is a chance of lifetime to have you in my English learning journey . I wish to hear Teacher Michelle
    sing for us one day and Teacher Jessica talk about her living experience in Taiwan . I welcome you
    to be with us at AEE . You are super cool ! I am on top of the world ! Thank you so much !

  • To dear AEE teachers ,

    Welcome to AEE ! I am on top of the world because you are so super cool ! Thank you for joining
    us ! You DO inspire , motivate and make us laugh all the time . We learn English by connection
    and interaction . No other place I would rather be ! We explore language through cultural and
    education . Hope to continue with you forever and ever . Wish you all the best of the best .
    Please do take care ! GOD BLESS YOU !!!






    CARE !

  • @[email protected] Thanks so much! We appreciate your support.

    TODAY IS MONDAY , 16th of Feb .

  • Kukec

    Hi ladies,

    I´m here after some time and see you are working very hard. WELL DONE 🙂 Thank you so much for all listeners and wish you great success in the future which is really deserved. You are changing methods how to connect with people through the language. CONNECTION “communication” NOT PERFECTION. Breaking OLD rules and following THE BEST TECHNIQUES how to succeed… enjoyable and COOL way.
    Way to go!

  • @kukec:disqus Thanks for stopping by! Thanks also for your nice compliments. Yes, we are always working hard and having fun around here!

  • darlin

    thank you very much urs podcasts help me to improve my english skills I hear them everywhere where i can. so i deeply respect for ur help girls))))

  • @darlin- thanks for your message and welcome to AEE!

  • Jorge

    Hi, girls! Recently discovered tour IELTS podcast and I have a few topic suggestions:
    – Verbs tenses review
    – Dealing with accents and pronnunciations during the listening section
    – Common idioms and phrasal verbs

    Rgds from Venezuela,

  • @Jorge- thanks for the topic suggestions. We will try to cover those topics when we can. Keep listening and please share the show with a friend. Thanks!

  • Ehsan

    Hello. Thank you for great podcast. They are really good and useful. How can i have the text of that?

  • @Ehsan- thanks for your comment. You can get our transcripts here: https://allearsenglish.selz.com/categories/all-ears-english-episode-transcripts?mode=edit

    Good luck and welcome!

  • Ehsan

    sorry Lindsay, this link doesnt work. i try it a lot.

  • Ehsan

    Dear Lindsay. I tried your
    link a lot to get the transcripts. Unfortunately we can’t access that in our
    country. How do you help me in this case? Because I listened some episodes a
    lot but still not understand some phrase and words. i think we have been
    restricted in Iran.

  • @Ehsan thanks for letting me know. If your ISP restricts you from buying our items then that is really a bummer. Sorry! Maybe talk to your ISP to see why they are restricting it

  • Kirill Laurynau

    Hi girls! How can i contact you by email, please, would like to ask somethings and suggestions in private? My mail is [email protected]

  • @kirilllaurynau:disqus you can email me at [email protected]

  • is

    Hi girls, I just want to let you Know that I have been listening you since September last year, at firts I felt as I was finding an inspirational place to learn and enjoy doint it without the ussual conventions of a regular ESL program. You were the answer to my prayer, I was so inspired and motivates as I was falling in love. But lately, dipite I am bounding with you all, I have a feeling that something is ending or daying out. Is like everything is repetitive and predictible. As if the magic would have gone. At the very beginning I could wait until the other day to listen to you, I lived into a huge state of anxiety until the next episode. But now I am reashing a plateau with you guys. I hope you both could reinvent the show. I want to feel again the initial enthusiasm, the passion, the eager to learn with you. Until then, I will be skip some of your episodes. Regars. Me

  • @is- thanks for letting us know your thoughts. Can you let us know 5 episode topic requests that you can suggest? Sometimes we need ideas from our audience! thanks

  • Elaine Zhu

    Hi Michelle, I love your voice and pronunciation from the first time I listened to you. I’m wanna to know how can I learn pronunciation from you, could you help me? Tks a lot !

  • Baltazar

    Hey girls, thank you, a folk from the office recommended your pod cast and now I can say I-m a huge fan you really nailed connecting people with the interest about improve English communication skills. Keep the good work!!! and thank you!

  • Olga

    Hi girls! It would be interesting to hear from you stories about yours friends who live in America, but originally from other countries and what cultural ”feature” have you learned ? what was really unusual / exciting (traditions, food, etc). Maybe few stories about your travellings to another countries. Thank you in advance! Best regards from Ukraine, Olga.

  • soongjae

    How is it going, Lindsay, Michelle, and Jessica?

    I’m an avid listener of All Ears English and IELTS Energy Podcast, I listen to your shows every day not only to improve my English skills, but also the energy I get from listening to you guys is really motivating.

    I see that you guys take requests and make an effort to create lessons around them, so I want to make a request myself.

    Sometimes I have a hard time keeping the conversation going with people and I think it’s mostly because I have little to say when it comes to replying to others other than something like, “Oh, that’s great!”, or “Wow, really? I didn’t know that. Interesting!”, etc. I mean, I do ask follow-up questions, but it doesn’t always work.

    But when I listen to Lindsay interacting with guests on the show, she seems like she’s really cut out for the job – she seems to always have something to say. And just in general even, on every episode of A.E.G., Lindsay is really smooth in coming up with things to say, and I’d desperately like to have skills like hers. So to sum that up, “How to talk like Lindsay??”

    P.S. I know that I should have my own style of speaking and play to my strengths, but I think it happens more often than not that while imitating those who you’d like to be, you run into your own true strong point!

  • Mayank Jandyal

    Hi Lindsay & Michelle.

    Thanks for such nice podcasts. These are really helpful for non native speakers like me in improving their English speaking & listening skills.

    I would appreciate if you could create a podcast on ‘Asking for an apology’ or ‘asking someone for repeating what they just said’. Also if you could tell some major differences between the British & the American English. I am form India & we are taught British English in schools. I found pronunciation of some words was different in British & American English. Also some phrases which we use in British English sometimes sound weird to native Americans.

    Looking forward to ur reply.


  • Naomi

    I really enjoy this podcast! Thank you Lindsay and Michelle♡
    I want to know the difference among the other , another , others!
    Could you pick up this subject in your episode?

  • @Naomi- thanks. Good question! We will try to answer it soon

  • Jara Zbrna

    Hello. I’m listening your podcast for couple of weeks. It’s great. I’m from the Czech Republic and I had a chance to be in USA for couple of times, it was perfect every time! I simply love american English and I’m glad that I can hear a common conversation every day and what’s more, I can learn new things from you 😉 So thank you very much! Should I have any topics for you, it would be a phrase ‘Have you ever been TO London?’ Why it’s not ‘Have you ever been IN London…’? Maybe you’ve already talked about it, so please let me know where can I find it. Cheers, looking forward to the coming episodes 🙂

  • naomi

    Thank you!!!

  • Henrique

    And Gaby?

  • Serge Bilyi

    Hi Lindsey and Jessica! What’s up Buttercup! ))
    My name is Serge, I’m from Ukraine.

    I am really fond of listening to your podcasts. Girls, you’re really making my days.
    Now I can’t even emagine how I’m gonna live after the IELTS without you. I always listen to you when going to my work everyday in the morning. Thus, your constant giggling, making fun out of siriousness and total drive energies me for the whole working day.

    If you mind, could you ask of a favour? I’m working currently on the writing skills. And the issue that bothers me is the follows – if it comes to writing an informal letter to what extent should it be informal? Basically I understand that no slang is allowed, but what about words like – “stuff”, and … whatever?

    Can you comment on this, please?

  • Indika Sanjeewa Rupasinghe

    Thank you very much for offering all these valuable knowledge free of charge.

  • Dimin

    Hi Lindsey and Michelle,

    I really enjoy your show, and I have learned so much regarding no matter in English or culture. Most importantly, I have fun while I am listening. I got question for you, how do you guys record your podcast in different location simultaneously? I am very carious about it.

  • Dmytro

    Why ielts ? Why not a Toefl?

  • cissy54

    Hi Lyndsay and Michelle, thank you so much for bringing us such a wonderful show! I just rated it on ITunes and i hope it helps keeping it high.

    I do have a question for you! I’m now working on a position that requires me writing to people across departments. Sometimes I will need to check with people if a particular thing is one of their duties, of if it should go to another person. But I’m struggling how to say that naturally and concise. What can I say here?

    Thank you so much

  • @disqus_bvk9HD4nZi:disqus Thank you for your feedback! We don’t reveal insider secrets!

  • Samal Aubakirova

    My name is Samal from Kazakhstan. I am your new listener and I really like your podcast. Now I listen to your podcast insead of music. Also it is helping me to improve my listening and speaking. Soon I will have real IELTS exam, so I hope your tips will help me to get at least 7.

  • Abigail

    Hello Lindsay and Michelle, I have been listening to AEE for 150 episodes. This is really the greatest and the most interesting podcast I ever listened. Hope you will continue this excellent show and happy new year to you and your family!

  • Welcome!

  • Hi Abigail thanks for your kind note! We are happy to have you in the AEE community

  • wawanmaddaﱞﱞﱞ

    Hello, I am from Indonesia. Why there is no transkrip of all AEE episodes? As a someone who use english as second language, it is better to add transkrip to each episode so I can learn more because sometime we dont understand what actually you are saying. BTW thank you very much for all awesome episodes

  • Hi yes we have them for the first 200 episodes but you’ll need to purchase them. Go to allearsenglish.com/conversations

  • hiren patel

    hello Lindsay and Michelle! This is Hiren from Dallas,tx. First of all, I really enjoy listening to your podcasts because they are very informative and filled with lots of energy that you guys bring up. So, thank you for that. And then there is this question i want to ask you. I work at walgreens pharmacy and many a times I experience this situation when prescriptions are absurdly expensive. And I really struggle to respond when customers get angry, frustrated, stressed out or sad. So, what kind of phrases I can use to respond to all these above mentioned reactions in such difficult situation without being critical to the company I work for.

  • Lindsay

    Hi good question. We’ll try to answer it soon

  • skyler white

    Hello my name is em,,i’ve been an avid listener of ur podcast for more than a year now,,I’ve learned so much from you guys,,thank you,,
    By the way there’s couple of things i wanna ask u about,,i’m quite confused on how to use the phrasal verbs-pull up,pull over,pull off-all i know for sure they are related to the words-stop,park,and drive.I just dont have the confidence using those phrasal verbs,,Can u help me pls..thanks

  • Great question! We will try to answer it on the show soon

  • Chin-Pin Lan

    Hello from Taiwan! this is definitely the best podcast that I’ve been searching for IN MY LIFE!
    My name is CP, working hard on spoken English for years. While my writing, reading, listening and speaking have reached to a level that most of business in TW accept, I couldn’t jump over the obstacle of natural English speaking.
    I wonder if I’m able to have your response to this question about English speaking.
    “to PRONOUNCE more clearly, precisely at fast speed, I wonder how American natives EFFECTIVELY generate and combine all sounds including vowels and consonants coming from different point of mouth, tongue and wherever it is”
    By the way, I like the way Teacher Michelle generate sounds, which sounds like all her sounds are generated from the front of mouth, teeth and tongue.
    I would be so much appreciated if I am able to get response from you teachers.
    Have a nice day!

  • Chin-Pin Lan

    Hello from Taiwan! this is definitely the best podcast that I’ve been searching for IN MY LIFE!

    My name is CP, working hard on spoken English for years. While my writing, reading, listening and speaking have reached to a level that most of business in TW accept, I couldn’t jump over the obstacle of natural English speaking.

    I wonder if I’m able to have your response to this question about English speaking.

    “to PRONOUNCE more clearly, precisely at fast speed, I wonder how American natives EFFECTIVELY generate and combine all sounds including vowels and consonants coming from different point of mouth, tongue and wherever it is”

    By the way, I like the way Teacher Michelle generate sounds, which sounds like all her sounds are generated from the front of mouth, teeth and tongue.

    I would be so much appreciated if I am able to get response from you teachers.

    Have a nice day!

  • yolanda

    Great episode! BTW,I was wondering where i can check up transcripts?

  • allearsenglish.com/transcripts

  • Yukiko Matsuzaki

    Hi! I’m an English teacher, translator, and an owner of a select shop in Japan. I found your channel on podcast and thought all of the episodes you shared were really really helpful and more Japanese should listen to it. So, here is a suggestion. I want to add Japanese subtitles… or make a Japanese version of the trascript for you to upload on the website. How does that sound? What you are saying are really what they have to know, and I want to share it with the people of all levels!

  • Gregory Kaller

    Hi guys . I have listened lots of different podcasts . Then few months ago I bumped into your . And I realy loved it . First of all because your cheerful and joyful voices and your positive attitude . So , I listened few and then I decided to start from de begining . Now I am in podcast number 173 . So Lindsay , where is Gabby ?

  • Gregory Kaller

    Hi Yukiko . Sorry for interfering . I thing , to listen this podcast you have to have at least advenced level . And if you are advanced – the subtitles in your language will just disturb . Sorry for my opinion , the question wasn’t for me .

  • Yukiko Matsuzaki

    Dear Greg,

    Thanks for your comment. I just thought their insights were really interesting and valuable for all the Japanese. You might not understand, but what they are saying will definitely change the Japanese people’s way of thinking toward English. If not subtitles, I would like to make the Japanese version of the transcript for at least my students, I will wait for their reply!

  • Hi Yukiko

    Thanks for your idea. While we have a lot of Japanese listeners, we also have many listeners from other countries. It is true what Gregory said that most listeners should be at intermediate to advanced level so there shouldn’t be a need for Japanese subtitles. I would challenge you to use the podcast with your students using the English transcriptions. You can get them at allearsenglish.com/transcripts. Thanks for listening and good luck!

  • Carla Lam

    Hi Lindsay and Michelle,
    I have been listening your podcosts every time when I drive. They have greatly improved my spoken English! Today when I use the word “as soon as” and “once”, I found I have problems with the correct grammar to use with the word, like “as soon as/once they submit” or “as soon as/once they have submitted”. Also, what is the difference of “as soon as” and “once”? Thank you.

  • Dongwoo Shin


  • Shahaji

    Hi Lindsay maam..actually my interviews are come in next week in my college but I don’t have confidence to face these because my English speaking is not that much good..plz help me to improve my confidence.

  • Sergio Vacca

    Hi girls, I’m wrighting from Italy, and you have become my travel buddies since I casually found you one year ago. Now I can’t drive my car without your nice company ?‍?‍?
    I recently bought a ring, and I intend to ask my girlfriend in marriage during our tour of NYC at the end of this August ???
    Can you please suggest me some romantic location where to spread hearts all over the air???❤️
    Thanks a lot and please don’t stop broadcasting, you are great!

  • wow good question! We’ll try to answer it on the show but probably it will be too late. Try the Highline. I also like the view of NYC from Hoboken. There is a nice park where you can sit and get a view of Manhattan from NJ. Brooklyn Bridge is classic but crowded with bikers and tourists. Good luck and congrats!

  • Sergio Vacca

    Thanks a lot Lindsay for your priceless advices, I’ll make good use of them. Would be an honor to inspire one of your episodes.
    Thanks again, I think you are the perfect teachers for connection.

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    Hi girls!
    I am Fromtis Jundiai In Brazil. I commut every day to São Paulo and I hear your podcast during my trip.
    I love listening your podcast! You have took me to next level of English learn.
    Can you help me with a expression I read in CNN?
    “We have written them off”
    What’s mean this frase?

  • Hi that’s a great phrase and we’ll make an episode about it soon! Thanks for listening

  • Jara Zbrna

    I know there’s a lesson #442 about a word ‘guess’ and ‘reckon’. I’d like to know more about a word ‘guess’ as when I’m unsure, I start a sentence with ‘I guess’. I was told (by Englishman) that it’s better to say ‘I think’. Unfortunately I do not remember the whole sentence as this happened some year ago. Could you please clarify, if there’s any difference between words I guess, I think, I suppose, I’d say in American culture? Are these words synonyms or are there some subtle difference? Maybe a topic for another episode, maybe not 🙂
    Thanks for your podcast!!!

  • Nicole Lee

    Hi Lindsay! I wish to thank you and Jessica for sharing your knowledge and expertise to us, especially when it comes to IELTS. I have received my IELTS result today, which includes an overall bandscore of 7.5 (L:7.5,R:8,S:8,W:6.5). My target scores were 7 and above in all components. I am a non-native English speaker and I haven’t enrolled in any review center for my IELTS exam at all, so basically, what I did was purely self-study. To be honest, I didn’t really expect to receive those scores, especially in the Speaking part, since my previous attempts gave me a uniform scores of 6.5. I am so thankful that I found your channel on Stitcher 2 months ago, since your episodes helped a lot in my IELTS quest. I just followed your advice and strategies in IELTS Speaking, practised and prayed a lot and voilaaaaaa my bandscore raised from 6.5 to 8. Wow, until now I still can’t believe that it’s really possible. Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart for all your efforts in sharing your expertise to us. Although, my Writing score didn’t reach my target of 7, I am still hoping that sooner or later I will be getting 7 and above in Writing. In fact, I am planning to request for a remark or maybe purchasing your special course whenever I have enough money. Again thank you so much.

    -Nicolette Lee, Philippines

  • Thanks we are glad to hear that. Can you please write this review in Itunes or Stitcher? Congratulations

  • Izumi Kumagai

    Hello. I’m Izumi from Japan.
    I’ve been listening your awesome podcast since I found it out.
    In some episodes, you answered listeners’ question. I’d like to ask you a question, too.
    I’m using some websites which runs for giving opportunity to chat foreigners for language learners. I often receive some messages from foreigners and they are men. I’m wondering their purpose is to practice languages or just girl-hunting.
    I’m afraid that this question is fitting in here. I’m sorry, but I just want to ask you it and get your opinion.

    Thank you.

  • Mariane Lousa

    hi guys, I would like to know if you have a ToEFL preparation or recommend someone ? Inedd help specially writing and speaking sessions… thanks Mariane.

  • Lily McMillan

    Hello Lindsay and Michelle:

    I am a big fan of All Ears English podcast. Since I found your podcast this May. I fell in love with it immediately and listened every single episode. AEE is a great company while driving, working out or doing chores, I listen it whenever is possible. You guys did a amassing job. I told a lot of friends about how amassing it is. I so much like your voice, your clear pronunciation, your energy behind microphone, widely range of knowledge that not only help me in academic but also in social life. I live in USA. Topics of American culture in social life help me a void some awkwardness, and feel more comfortable and confident to get along with people. your slogan “connection, not perfection” encourage us not to seek perfection so much, just connect with people help me talk more also. I see significant progress of my english. Thanks a lot for your dedication. You are deeply appreciated.

    Today my question is how to use use to, used to, get used to

    Is used to a phrase of verb? or use to is a phrase of verb, used to is just the past tense of use to. but I heard a lot that native english speaker say use to when they talk about past. How about get used to? You’ll get used to it. is get a linking verb? can it be removed? can I say you will use to it instead? It is confusing.

    It will be wonderful if it get answered at any upcoming episode.

    Thank you very much


  • SalifSmartZono

    Hi girls! How are you doing? Im Salif from Burkina Faso. Im really glad to listen to your podcasts over and over. I come here just to say thank you for all what you are doing for us. GBU

  • Ina

    Hi Girls,
    I love your podcast and wants to thank you for doing this! It is very helpful to improve my english.
    I have a question for you. I heard in another podcast this phrase: “he is droping his jam” and i wonder what that means.
    Maybe you can help me to understand 🙂
    Thanks a lot
    Ina from Swizerland

  • Ina

    Or only “droping jams” maybe -.-

  • Matt

    Thank you guys.I appreciated it

  • Yukiko Oohira

    Hi Lindsay and Michelle!

    I’m Yukiko from Osaka in Japan.
    I really enjoy listening to AEE!!!
    I usually listen to you guys while I go jogging. You always cheer me up (I think you help me run faster too!) Thank you for helping me keep up my motivation for learning English and running!!!
    I think I became more confident with my English, and my English got better thanks to you!!!

    I’d like to ask you a question.
    What is the difference between “upon” and “up on,” and what is the difference between “into” and “in to”? (Or other similar phrases like that!)

    I hope you can answer my question.

    I love the way you laugh :)))


  • Sari

    Hey girls! What’s shaking?

    I am a student from Germany and -of course- a passionate listener of your show!

    Your podcast is absolutely amazing! I am very glad that I found it on Itunes. So please, keep on recording!

    In a recent lesson we read an excerpt about multiculturalism in Britain and I have a question about a quote that is made in it.
    I would appreciate it a lot, if you could help me to understand this phrase better!
    “[The] malign impact of multiculturalism and political correctness has for years seen Britain segregated into inward-looking communities that eschew British values while the forces of law and order walk on eggshells, desperate not to offend”
    What does the author mean considering “political correctness”?
    How could you define “inward-looking communities”?
    Is “walking on eggshells” an idiom?
    Generally, what is the overal point of this phrase?
    I hope this question suits in the comment section and is not too long!
    Thank you very much in advance!
    I wish you a lovely day!

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    Nice job guys!

    Could you tell if there’s some monthly or annual subscription to get scripts?
    I’m planning buy by PayAll


  • Hi yes there is please go to allearsenglish.com/transcripts or to get a subscription you can go to https://allearsenglish.samcart.com/products/subscribe-to-all-ears-english-transcripts-new

  • garywang

    Hi Lindsay and Michelle,

    I’m Gary Wang from Taiwan. I have been listening your podcast for one year, and really like your style to learn English. Your voice is so clear, amazing, and warm for listener. Will follow your episodes to learn more in English.

    BTW, I have no idea this is common problem or not in learning vocabulary. It’s easy for me to be confused on use following words, “rise, arise, raise”. For example, I wanna heads up some problems for some guys, which one is right word to use? I’m not so clear about their usages in speaching.

    –>Use verb ‘rise’ or ‘arise’ questions for getting your attention.



  • Thanks we will try to answer this soon!

  • Joaquina Rossi

    Hi Girls!. I really like the podcast. It is so useful for me. I just started a month ago, and now I use to listen to it every single night before going to sleep. My name is Joaquina, I am an exchange student from Argentina. I arrived to Ohio in August 2016. Now, I could say I´m getting use to the American Culture and life in the USA so well. I really love it! My point is that I have a question. I´m confused about the different between “to can” and “to be able to, In Spanish language, or in Argentina at least, we use “to can” more frequently than “be able to”. So I still do not understand the difference between that words. Could someone help me please? I would really appreciate it. Thank you guys and have an amazing year. Great job with this podcasts.

  • Yukiko Ohira

    Hi Lindsay and Michelle!
    I’m Yukiko from Osaka in Japan.

    I really enjoy listening to your podcasts and your fun conversations! Thank you so much for the fun time!!

    I have a question.
    How would you use the expression “later on”? Why don’t you just say “later” instead? Is there a difference? And I would also like to know how to use other expressions with similar meanings such as “in a bit,” “in a minute,” or “in a second.”

    You guys would make me super happy if you answered my question!!!

    Yoroshiku (that’s a Japanese expression, and there’s no way to translate it into English. It means something like thanks in advance.)


  • Igor

    Girls! How come you never thought of making the episode’s 666 topic “How to worship Satan in English”? 🙂 “Cravings”, my ass!
    But really, could you please make an episode about this expression — (…, my ass!)
    You do need to cover this side of the language as well. Otherwise, we just cannot quite connect. 🙂
    Thank you for the show! It became my everyday routine to listen to you.

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    Hi Jessica
    I’m bechir from KSA I want talk to you about 3key success system please
    How to communicate with you

  • Bechir Bendaoud

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  • Bechir Bendaoud

    Hi I tried to connect with you without result . It seems impossible to me to talk with you.

    No clear contact details. How come. No phone number no email please answer.

    My email is [email protected]. I want to connect about ielts 3key system

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    Hello Lindsay and Michelle!
    I am Kumiko from Japan.
    Your show is helpful and fun, so I am enjoying listening to it so much.
    I have a question and would be so grateful if you could answer it.
    I have been wondering how it is different exactly when American people say “I suppose”, “I guess”, “I imagine”, “I bet”, and so on. I think it would be cool if I knew the difference and could use them correctly. Do you think it might help me sound more natural??
    I always end up repeating “I think” when I speak in English…
    Thank you so much!

  • hi thanks for your question. We will try to respond to this on the show soon!

  • You can email us at [email protected] with your specific questions about the course.

  • Alexandra Sasha

    Hey Lindsay and Michelle! I’m Alexandra from Russia, have been listening to your podcast for about 2 years, really appreciate what you do, always try to listen to a new episode in the morning while walking my dog cause it makes a great start of the day) I have a question for you about the words “commercial”, “advertisement” and “advertising”. Have always been confusing them and still do so hope you can cover this topic in one of the episodes.
    Thanks a lot

  • Anna Kludka

    Hi, I would like to have a tutor and I supsribed from your link on Italki but I didnt get a $10 credit, why?

  • Please contact italki support and tell them that you registered through allearsenglish.com/italki but did not get your credit. They should send it to you. If they do not then please write back to me at [email protected]

  • cho km

    hi, how can i download the transcripts?

  • Hi you need to go to allearsenglish.com/transcripts

  • Amelia

    but it didn’t work,need password

  • You guys are doing amazing tasks for our non-native speaker. Thanks girls! BTW I like Michelle so much.

    Someday I heard crapshoot word from US-TV and knew it should be some behaviors like taking a crap to determine next step, Am I right? How do you use that word crapshoot or shootcrap in your daily life?

    Anyway Thanks!

    Have super cool to Lindsay/Michelle/Jessica…allearsenglish employees…etc.

  • Hi Lecter yes we have heard about this. Our legal team is working to get it taken down. Please report it to the Chinese authorities. Thank you

  • Takashi

    Hi Lindsay

    I would like to ask you a question – what I hope you will cover in an episode. Appreciate it if you let me know how to send it to you. Thank you!

  • Email your question to me at [email protected]. Please make it a specific question. Thanks!

  • Takashi

    Many thanks, Lindsay. I’ll try to make it as specific as possible.

  • loletta

    hey sweet girls.. I’m Loletta from Egypt and i recently started listening to ur podcast and wanna tell u that exactly what i need to listen to . i’m very good in reading and listening English in it’s formal way but i have that fear to contact with natives directly and look like fool  so im sure i’ll get the confidence from ur podcast cuz it’s really hit the target
    ma qu is … what’s the meaning of (as well) when it comes at the end of the sentence and when shall i use it

  • Fred

    Hi the best teachers! Just subscribed here and really happy to be part of this awesome community 😀

  • Siddhar Italo

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  • thanks! welcome

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  • You will enter your payment details but you will not be charged today. You will get on the list to receive the transcripts the next time we send them out which is this coming Monday 23rd so you won’t receive anything when you first sign up. You will be charged for the first time 7 days after you sign up. Go to allearsenglish.com/subscribe

  • You will receive the podcasts the following week.

  • Marco Felipe Barros

    Hello ladies, when brazilians speaks semester, they are thinking about the first and the second half of the year in most of times. Best regards.

  • Genevieve Khoo

    Hi Ladies,

    Do you conduct 1:1 online classes? I’d like to improve my pronunciation and sentence structure.

    Thank you

  • Hi – We don’t do those classes but we recommend Spoken as a great option. You can go here to get a special deal of 2 free lessons and 20% off your first month at allearsenglish.com/spoken

  • Tati Lerman

    Hello girls! I really enjoy listen your podcast everyday! It helps me a lot! I am curious to know what does mean when americans say: Someone has it in for me? Maybe you could do an episode about that…
    Thank you so much.
    Tatiana Lerman
    São Paulo, Brazil

  • Hi thanks! Good question. We will try to answer it soon.

  • Oh my gosh! Congratulations! This is so cool! You look very happy and I am so excited to hear that you got inspired by the episode. Congrats again!

  • Congratulations! That is so cool!

  • Po-Chuan Peng


    Your podcast is great. It even becomes my dairy routine as I always expect to receive the notification from iPhone that AEE has new podcast. I’ve recommended friends around me it is the only podcast you cannot miss.

    Recently, we get a little bit confused about “finish” and “complete” when our client from Japan ask us if the task “finished” or not. We knew that they mean “completed”. Could you please help to explain how you use those word with confusing meanings.

    It is also awkward to correct under this situation. How will you deal with in order to keep the connection going?

    By the way, have you change your slogan to conduction instead of connection?

    Lake Wu, Landon Hsu and Cheney Peng from Taiwan, the heart of Asia. 😀

  • Francisco Gomez

    HI Girls, I really enjoy everyday your podcasts, I have trying to improve my English skills constantly doing an effort to find many ways to learn without be a disturbing stuff in my daily routine. Your podcasts are perfect because they are like an escape, they are funny and many topics are interesting and the best for me they are easy to listening.

    I am from Venezuela, and as you know my mother tongue is Spanish, I considered that I have a medium level of English, I think that. Although. I have been working for about three years in Ghana, Africa, where everybody speak English and I don’t have trouble in my job to communicate everything, of course sometimes I would like to have the same speed during speaking like in Spanish, may be with time i will do that.

    I have a question for you, I think is more about the process to learn another language. Why I can understand more phrases and words when I participated in any conversation, but this phrases and word sometimes are not in my vocabulary as well? may be because I have been dedicated more time to the listening and comprehension than speaking. Of course I have done presentations in the company, but I always think I need to improve more. Also my colleagues have the same feeling.


  • Hi thanks for the feedback! We will try to answer your question soon on the show!

  • Thanks! We will try to answer this on the podcast within the next few months. Keep listening!

  • Anushka Gedzul

    I’m Anna. Originally from Ukraine, but I live in Philadelphia, PA.
    Huge thank you for your work! You are both like energizers! Love your liveliness and brightness! I’m listening to your podcasts with enormous pleasure, thanks again for existing!
    I have a question for you in my pocket 😊
    Could you please explain meaning of a phrase “give a credit to someone” or “I’m crediting smth”. Thanks for replying (in advance) ! And have a brilliant day! Hug you😄😄😄

  • Víctor Sánchez

    Hello…Nice to meet you.. I’m new here.. And have a very good impression about your methodology..I want to learn with you.. But I have a question: when I listened the podcast. What’s follow after that.. Have I to transcript them? ..
    I will be grateful for your kind attention..
    Best regards

  • Víctor Sánchez

    And … I forgot a something important… if the case of transcript.. where is the text about the content of the each podcast?

  • Hi you can buy the transcripts here: allearsenglish.com/subscribe