AEE 1264: Millions and Billions of Ways to Learn Numbers in English

Do you have a hard time saying larger numbers in English? Do you find larger numbers to be overwhelming and confusing? Larger numbers can be tricky even for native English speakers, and so you are not alone if you struggle with this. We’re going to… Read More

AEE 1263: Is Work a Place to Be Fulfilled or Just Earn a Paycheck?

Is work your passion? Are you happy with your job or do you always feel like you have to keep trying harder? If you feel like you aren’t getting anywhere or as if you can’t ever reach your goals, you are not alone. We’re going… Read More

AEE 1261: Stop Having a Heart Attack When You Pick Up the Phone in English

Do you feel lost when you have to make calls in English? Do you panic when you pick up the phone and you aren’t sure what to say? Many people, even natives, feel anxious when they are about to make a phone call. We’re going… Read More

AEE 1251: Going to a Conference? Concrete Ways to Make Sure You Connect in English

Do you attend conferences and try to make connections there in English? Do you find it hard to talk to or connect with others in this somewhat formal setting especially when people are speaking English? If you have struggled with talking to others or getting… Read More

AEE 1248: Feeling Sick? How to Ask to Leave Work Early in English

Have you ever heard somebody say that they are “falling ill?” Have you ever been in a work setting and felt yourself getting sick? Did you feel unsure of what to say or how to ask to go home in English? There are so many… Read More