AEE 1332: How to Instantly Engage Someone in English

Are you engaged in any  interesting new hobbies?  Have you heard people use the word “engage” in English? There are multiple meanings to this word, and so it can be an interesting addition to conversation. We’re going to look at this common word, how to… Read More

AEE 1330: Be Assertive for More Success at Work with Global Business Coach Peter Yawitz

Are you involved in the global business world? Do you need to communicate daily with colleagues from a different culture? Do you ever worry that you’re not understanding things correctly in English? Today we’re going to look at how to communicate more effectively in your… Read More

AEE 1310: How to Seamlessly Move Between Second Languages

Are you somebody who speaks multiple languages? Can it be hard to find the balance between speaking your native language and English? If you learn and know multiple languages then you know how hard this balance can actually be. We’re going to look at how… Read More

AEE 1309: Define Your Goals Before Time Runs Out

Do you have goals when it comes to learning to speak English? Do you have a path that will help you to get to where you want to be? Goals are such an important part of life, and therefore it’s important to put great thought… Read More

AEE 1305: 5 Actions for the Workplace to Love You

Want to build better relationships at work? It’s not always about language, and it’s important to remember that. The way that we show people we appreciate them is a really important way of connecting. We’re going to look at how to build and maintain important… Read More