future tense English

AEE 949: Grammar, Tone, and the Future Tense

Do you get confused when native speakers use the future tense? Is it sometimes confusing when native speakers use different forms of grammar to express an action in the future. For example, a native speaker could say: “we will be refunding you” or “we will… Read More

AEE 944: 3 Bad Habits and 3 Easy Hacks to English Connection

Do you have bad habits when you speak English? We all have bad habits. We may even have things that we do that we’re not even aware of at times. You might not realize it, but some of these habits can keep us from speaking… Read More

business meeting English

AEE 943: How to Get Of Your Head and Into the Meeting in English

Do you panic and stay quiet in meetings with international English-speaking colleagues? Many students do this because they create an identity for themselves and they say, “I am the one who doesn’t speak at these meetings.” How can you stop getting locked into that identity… Read More

English word awesome at work

AEE 940: Is the Word Awesome Too Casual for Work?

Do you hear the word “awesome” used all the time in English? Does this feel like a word that should only be used at certain times? Here is an example: “Wow I would love to do that with you, it sounds awesome!” The truth is… Read More

how to express intensity with grammar in English

AEE 932: How to Express Intensity in Your Grammar Choices

Grammar is weird. In school you probably learned all of the standard grammar forms but there are a lot of casual and spoken grammar forms that can express a specific feeling that your teachers never taught you. Today we’ll show you one grammar form to… Read More