how to deliver a good speech in English

AEE 986: How to Deliver a Speech Like Michelle Obama

Do you have a fear of speaking in public? Have you ever heard that more people are afraid of public speaking than death? Do you worry about public speaking, particularly in English? If you have this fear, you are definitely not alone. We’re going to… Read More

present perfect English tense

AEE 974: Present Perfect Panic? We Have The Antidote Today

Do you ever hear people talk about the present perfect tense? Is it hard to understand when you might use this in English conversations? We’re going to look at how to use the present perfect and some of the fundamental rules around it.   Though you… Read More

urban immersion adventure intensive English course

AEE Bonus: How Koyo Learned to Listen Better in English

Today we have a special guest on the show! Koyo is on the podcast today. He participated in the Urban Immersion Adventure in October 2017 in Boston. Koyo saw massive improvements in his English while we was in the program. Learn just a few of… Read More

future tense English

AEE 949: Grammar, Tone, and the Future Tense

Do you get confused when native speakers use the future tense? Is it sometimes confusing when native speakers use different forms of grammar to express an action in the future. For example, a native speaker could say: “we will be refunding you” or “we will… Read More

AEE 944: 3 Bad Habits and 3 Easy Hacks to English Connection

Do you have bad habits when you speak English? We all have bad habits. We may even have things that we do that we’re not even aware of at times. You might not realize it, but some of these habits can keep us from speaking… Read More