Privacy Policy

  1. What information do we collect? We collect your name and email. In some cases we collect credit card information, home address, and phone number.
  2. How do we collect your information? We ask you to submit your information to receive our free offers. In the case of our paid courses we ask you to submit your payment information to get access to our online learning centers. In some cases we may apply tracking pixels on specific pages.
  3. How do we use the information? We use your information to stay in touch and keep you informed on our latest offers. When you make a payment your payment information is processed through payment processors including Selz, Stripe, and PayPal.
  4. How can you get in touch with us? If you want to have your name taken off an email list please contact Lindsay. Email: [email protected] or 347 554 1877
  5. How is your information protected? We protect your information using website encryption, we limit access to sensitive customer data and we use secure servers.