All Ears English Podcast receives more than 8 million global monthly downloads.

Why sponsor All Ears English?

  • Global Reach: All Ears English has been downloaded more than 150 million times since launch in 2013
  • Geotargeting: We can serve your ads to selected geographies depending on your advertising goals
  • Top-ranked Podcast:
    • #3 in Global Business Reach (Chartable, May 2023)
    • #1 in US Apple Podcasts – Education – Language Courses category (Feb 2022 and April 2023)
    • #20 overall in Spotify Japan (Feb 2022)
  • Past Sponsors/Ad Buyers:
    • Rosetta Stone, Grammarly, lululemon, Amazon Japan, Blinkist, LinkedIn, Toyota, Cambly, Babbel, IDP, ELSA Speak, italki, Spoken App, BoldVoice, Storyworth, BetterHelp, Preply, Press Play, Indeed (host-read ads)
    • Air Canada, Disney+ Mazda, Exxon, Disney, Nike, Mitsubishi, AMEX, Hyundai, Daniels College of Business MBA, AT&T, L’Oreal, Toyota, Coca-Cola, Volvo, Nespresso, PepsiCo, Toyota, Volkswagon, Airbnb, BestBuy, McDonald’s, Sony, Unilever, Carvana, Expedia Hotel, Ben and Jerry’s, Old Navy, ABC News, Starbucks, Sephora (programmatic ads)
  • Awards:
    • Apple Podcast awards for 2017 include top 20 ranking in the following categories: Education (Korea), Most Downloaded (Japan), Education (Japan), Education (China), Most Downloaded (Brazil)
    • Best of Apple Podcast 2018 in Brazil, China, Japan, Korea, Mexico
    • Best of Apple Podcasts 2019 in China, Japan, and Korea
  • Recent Media Features:
    • FORBES MAGAZINE: Cook, Jodie. “5 Steps to Building a Raving Fan Base with a Podcast in 2022.” Forbes, Dec 23, 2021.
    • PODCAST MAGAZINE: 200 Million Ears: A New Way to Learn English. Podcast Magazine. May 2021.
    • LANGUAGE MAGAZINE: Podcasting Into the Future. Language Magazine. March 2020.
  • Captive, engaged audience: The All Ears English audience knows, likes, and trusts the AEE co-hosts and when they recommend a product or service, listeners take action.
  • Average episode completion rate: On average, listeners complete 82% of our episodes
  • A guaranteed number of downloads: We guarantee at least 100,000-120,000 downloads after your sponsored episode has been live for 30 days.
  • Clear and measurable results: By using promo codes we can track landing page hits, free signups, and paid users
  • In-context, highly targeted advertising: Sponsored episodes can be created based on sponsor’s niche so that listeners are highly targeted and the message is relevant.
  • Speed of acquisition: Listeners are sent directly to your site to sign up for your offer.

Who is our audience?

  • Global business professionals who work in multinational companies
  • International PhD or Master’s degree candidates living in an English-speaking country
  • Age 25-44
  • Educated
  • Lives in urban areas. Top US cities: New York, Los Angeles, San Jose, Seattle
  • Upper middle class

Quote from a sponsor:

“It has been an absolute pleasure to collaborate with All Ears English. Their dedication and attention to detail on each & every single campaign was astounding and their willingness to go above & beyond what was expected to help achieve our KPIs made them an amazing partner to work with. I would recommend any company to work with All Ears English and I guarantee you will achieve the results you want if not better.”

Jessica Milsom, Influencer Marketing Coordinator at ELSA Speak

To learn more about the opportunity to sponsor All Ears English and to get current sponsor results please contact Lindsay McMahon.

Contact information:
Lindsay McMahon
347- 554- 1877