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  • Top-ranked Podcast: We have been ranked as high as #9 out of 300+ shows in the iTunes Education Language Courses category
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Who is our audience?

Our listeners are adult English learners around the world. They are students and international professionals. Our top countries include Japan, China, Spain, US, Germany, Thailand, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Brazil, and Taiwan.


All Ears English Listener
“I love you and your podcasts. They are wonderful.
I got familiar with italki on your podcasts and it is a wonderful site. I like that.
We believe in connection nooooot perfection…..it’s our motto 🙂
Thanks and wish you best.”

– Mitra, AEE Listener and current user of AEE sponsor, italki


Guaranteed 60,000 downloads per episode:

We can guarantee that your sponsored episode will receive at least 60,000 downloads after 6 weeks in the iTunes store. We have received 64,105,311 downloads since our launch in November of 2013 and we average 2 million to 2.5 million downloads per month from 190 countries worldwide.


What does a sponsorship consist of?

One sponsored episode includes:

  • 1 (15-second) pre-roll + 1 (60-second) midroll delivered by the hosts of AEE
  • Links to your site in show notes/blog post corresponding to sponsored episode
  • Featured on our resources page (81,000+ visitors to site per month)
  • Featured on our sponsors page (81,000+ visitors to site per month)
  • Option to be included in our email campaigns (24,000+ listeners on list)
  • Option to be mentioned in our social media presence (10,000 Facebook fans and 700 Twitter followers)



To learn more about the opportunity to sponsor All Ears English and to get current sponsor results please contact Lindsay McMahon.

Contact information:

Lindsay McMahon

[email protected]

347- 554- 1877

  • Barat

    Hi Ms.Lindsay,
    i used the italki link above and registered for a session with a teacher for the first time. How do i know if 10Usd has been credited, as i could’nt see any credits into my italki account.

  • @Barat thanks for visiting italki and booking a lesson- i just sent you an email. The free $10 USD applies to your second lesson so you have to purchase your first lesson. Please see my email for more details and let me know if you are still having problems. Thanks!

  • abbas

    i love you lindsay .how’s Mechelle?

  • Alinda Chan

    Hi, Lindsay,
    I have completed my first session with a teacher for the first time in italki. But I didn’t get any email of the voucher.

  • Lindsay

    Hi I just emailed you. Please check your email

  • @alindachan:disqus To get your voucher you must register here: allearsenglish.com/italki

    I will email you with instructions. thanks

  • Gabita Chachacha

    Hi Ms.Lindsay and Michelle,
    I also used the italki link, registered for a session with a teacher and took my first lesson this morning. But I couldn’t see any credits into my italki account… 🙁

  • Hi Thanks for your question. Please email italki customer support directly and tell them you came from AEE and that you haven’t gotten your credits. If you do not hear back within 7 days please email me at [email protected]

  • Josh Zhu

    Hi Lindsay!
    I like your podcast pretty much, enjoy listening to them nearly everyday on and off my way to office. I really benefit a lot from this great resource.
    I am wondering is there a way to express thanks? Like a donation link on website, so help more people benefit from this resource as I do. Please let me know.


  • Chaba

    Hi girls! I Hear your show every morning during my breakfast. I enjoy every lesson and get energy to face the day. Thank you for being there every morning! ??

  • TheDavidLawn

    Hello ladies,

    I’ve sent you an email with a video offer for partnership to [email protected], but I haven’t heard from you yet.

    Now, I’m not sure if you even got it, so I would be very happy if you replied in case you got it or gave me another email address to contact you at.

    Thank you.

    — With regards to your uniqueness, David Lawn.

  • Lizzy McLauren

    They’ve got it but just not interested your offer

  • Bernd Köpke

    Hi Lindsay,
    thank you very much for your daily podcast. I am still a loyal listener and I appreciate your and Michelle’s effort and persistence. Not to forget Jessica, she’s so inspiring and motivating. Thank you all. Have a great holiday season! Bernd

  • Jamin Anderson

    Hi, I’m Jamin who asked you a question about ‘I win or I won’. I heard the episode yesterday! I was really happy and it was really helpful! Thank you so much for recording that episode!

  • Đậu Erumi

    Hi Lindsay, I really want to ask you where can I find the Transcripts for episodes from 88 to 600??

  • Hi- all of the transcripts that we have are here: allearsenglish.com/transcripts

  • Đậu Erumi

    Thanks Lindsay

  • Adriano Devon

    Lindsay and Michelle, Since the first time I started listening to you guys, I improved my skills, your show is the best I’ve ever heard, you guys speak fast and in the beginning I swear to God I couldn’t understand, but after some episodes I understand, it’s incredible, fascinating, I recommend All ears English to everyone who wants to be totally fluent in English, I’ve Got an English speaking group on Whatsapp and I am always talking about you guys and your amazing show, and Thank you for the incredible work you’ve been doing. oh and by the way Thank you for saying thank you to me on episode 775. I love you guys.

  • Wow thank you!! We appreciate you and keep listening!

  • Stefanie

    I had my first 2 trial lessons yesterday. I really liked it and also received the 10 Dollar cashback. I think I found a good teacher so I booked another lesson with him for the next week. I think I will use italki not only for English but also for French or another language. I love your podcast 🙂 Greetings Stefanie