AEE 1174: Don’t Like Your Haircut? How to Request Changes at the Stylist and Elsewhere

Last week we spoke about haircuts and how to talk to the hair stylist because we had a great listener question. Today we are going to do part 2! It’s important to communicate to the stylist at the end of the haircut if you think… Read More

AEE 1173: Throw Back Thursday Challenge on Instagram

Do you have fond memories from your past? Do you want to know how you can talk about these in English? There are a couple of phrases that can help you to reflect on memories that you have. We’re going to show you what these… Read More

AEE 1172: Let’s Tell Some Dad Jokes for Father’s Day

Father’s Day is  coming up on Sunday in the United States, and this can be a big deal especially in the US. Are you seeing your dad? Are you doing anything special? This is one of those holidays that is special because you get to… Read More

AEE 1171: If Anything? If Ever? How Natives Use These Helpful Chunks in English

Have you heard somebody say “if anything” in natural English conversations? Have you ever heard “if ever” used in English? These are the phrases that are so common, and yet you want to be sure that you understand how they work. We’re going to look… Read More

AEE 1170: It’s Getting Old! How to Mask Your Precise Emotion with a Colorful Phrase

Have you heard people use the phrase “getting old” in English conversations? Is this one of those phrases that you really want to master in English? You can probably figure out the literal meaning to this, but you can also take it a step further… Read More