AEE 1109: The Grilled Cheese Is Divine

Do you know how to make food recommendations in a non-textbook way in English? Many textbooks or beginner English classes will teach you a simple way of recommending foods but we want to take you to the next level today. Today we answer a question… Read More

AEE 1108: Feeling Sluggish? How to Express It in English

Do you feel lazy in the winter? Would you like to know how to express this to someone who wants to invite you out to do something? Today find out how to express that you’re feeling tired but still maintain the connection. Here is a… Read More

AEE 1107: It’s Just My Two Cents- How to Give Your Unsolicited Opinion in English

Do you find it hard to express your opinion about touchy situations in English? Do you want to offer your opinion in English but worry about upsetting people? Do you wish you had the right things to say when you have something important to offer… Read More

AEE 1106: How to Get Off the Phone Quickly in English

Do you ever feel like you don’t have time to talk to people on the phone? Are you ever worried how you come off when you cut a conversation short in English? Do you know how to handle this situation so that there are no… Read More

AEE 1105: What NOT to Say During a Breakup in English

Have you ever gone through a bad breakup? Do you have friends who you know you can lean on through this difficult time? On the other end of the spectrum, are there people in your life that don’t know what to do or say especially… Read More