AEE 1186: Are You an English Connoisseur? Find Out Today

Would you say you are a connoisseur of anything? Is this a term that you have heard used before in English? If you say that you are a connoisseur then you want to be sure that you really fit that expert level. We’re going to… Read More

AEE 1185: Live Free or Die on the Fourth of July

Have you heard of the festivities that happen on the Fourth of July in the United States? Have you ever considered why this is so important within the American culture? Have you been a part of any of these celebrations yourself? We’re going to look… Read More

AEE 1184: Is Ain’t Always the Wrong Word to Use?

Have you heard people use the word “ain’t” in everyday English conversation? You may wonder if this is acceptable, since you’ve heard us say that this is not an appropriate word. Is there ever a good time to use “ain’t” in English? We wanted to… Read More

AEE 1183: Find Your Project, Find Your Fluency

Do you get bored with the traditional ways to learn English? If you are an adult who has been learning English with textbooks and classrooms your whole life and if you have hit a wall then you MUST try something else. Today’s episode is inspired… Read More

AEE 1182: Are You Living Flip Side?

Have you heard somebody say that they are “living vicariously” through you or another person? Have you wondered what exactly this phrase means in English? Have you ever had the desire to do something that somebody else was doing? We’re going to talk about what… Read More