AEE 156: 3 Conversational Phrases for a Sports Event

Game on! Do you like to watch sports? Do you want to be able to talk about sports with your English-speaking friends? If you are taking an exam such as the IELTS you may want to work on building some vocabulary to describe your favorite… Read More

AEE 155: Host Talks About How NOT to Translate Your Idioms into English

Today we talk to Joe Menninger, host of! Joe is an entrepreneur from Germany who studied in Texas and China.  Living in three very different countries has given him many experiences.  These experiences have helped him as an entrepreneur. Joe’s top three tips for learning… Read More

AEE 154: Dance Your Way to English Success

English is not something you can buy.  You must work for English skills and your English success. In today’s episode we talk about thinking of English as part of life, not a commodity. It’s easy to purchase a certificate course for English.  But if your heart and… Read More

AEE 153: 3 False Friends Gone Bad in the Business World

Stop translating your idioms! Today we’ll be talking about some of the dangers of translating “false friends.”  These are words that sound the same between two different languages, but aren’t. We’ll also talk about translating idioms.  They can cause huge problems! Many big businesses have… Read More

AEE 152: Are People Who Study or Work Abroad Smarter?

Are people who study or work abroad smarter? A recent Time magazine article says yes!  Today you’re going to learn how living in a different culture can make you more intelligent.  You will also learn some ways to do this in your own country!  … Read More