AEE 117: The Easiest Way to Start a Conversation in English with a Stranger

What is the easiest way to start a conversation in English with a stranger? Today you’ll learn 8 phrases to start a conversation in English with someone new about their pet. Yesterday we talked about why Americans are crazy about their pets. To start a… Read More

AEE 116: Why Americans Are Pet Crazy

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AEE 115: What Would Your Friends Say About Your English?

Do you have voices in your head? Do you say mean things to yourself such as “I can’t believe I just made that mistake in English” or “I am so stupid that I’ll never learn English”? Do you say these things to yourself? Today we… Read More

AEE 114: Master Your English Without a Teacher

Is it possible to master your English without a teacher? We think it is! Join an English mastermind group! What’s a mastermind group? A mastermind group is a group of high-achieving people who care about accomplishing their goals and get together to share ideas, strategies,… Read More

AEE 113: Use These 4 English Phrases to Participate and Succeed

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