AEE 57: The Unsexy Truth About Learning English

Learning English isn’t always exciting and interesting, is it? Unfortunately sometimes it’s a lot of work and it’s not very easy. Today you will learn where most of your success with English comes from. Unsexy= not exciting, not interesting, not mysterious, something that is plain… Read More

AEE 56: English Immersion Overload – Learn How to Keep Your Energy Up

Are you immersing yourself in English? Today you’ll learn 5 awesome strategies to avoid burnout as an English learner! What is burnout? Burnout is when you hit a wall and you can’t go any further. Lindsay experienced burnout when she was a teenager, as a… Read More

AEE 55: 4 English Phrases to Find Love on Valentine’s Day

Today you will get 4 English phrases to find love on Valentine’s Day! Yesterday, during Meeting Monday, we had Jason from Fluency MC on the show! If you missed it, be sure to go back and listen to Jason’s song. We had a great time!… Read More

AEE 54: English with Fluency MC – How to Find Love on Valentine’s Day

Do you want to find love on Valentine’s Day?? Who doesn’t? In today’s episode, you’ll meet an ESL rapper! Today we are going to learn English with Fluency MC! Jason is here to do some rapping for us and to teach us some new phrases… Read More

AEE 53: Why You Must Overshoot Your English Goals to Achieve Them

Today you will get the inspiration you need to go the extra mile with your English so that you can really achieve your goals! You’ll find out why you must overshoot your English goals to achieve them. Today is a Deep Thoughts Thursday! “If you… Read More