AEE 1086: Would You Rather Eat Cookies or Ice Cream?

Have you heard people use the word “rather” in English? Does this sound a bit confusing because you’re unsure of what this is used for? It may feel like one of those words that has a distinct place in conversation. We’re going to talk about… Read More

AEE 1085: 3 Ways to Curb Your Technology Addiction

Are you addicted to your phone or your tablet like we are? Today we’ll explore this modern addiction and as a community we’ll think of ways to overcome it. Lindsay attended a talk last week at her meditation center where the speaker was discussing technology… Read More

AEE 1084: How to Shorten and Lengthen Your Small Talk in English As Needed

Do you like it when Baristas make small talk with you? Do you appreciate it when your waiter or waitress strikes up a conversation? If you end up in a conversation with someone at a bar or cafe, how can you keep the small talk… Read More

AEE 1083: Make Your English More Sound with Today’s Episode

Do you know how to use the word “sound” to talk about more than just music? This is a dynamic word that can be used in many different expressions and phrases. Today we have a really specific question about the use of the word “sound.”… Read More

AEE 1082: The Keys to a Good Debate in English

Are you good at convincing other people to believe your point of view in English? Are you able to debate in English? Today we’ll give you our top tips on how to do it and maintain the connection in English. “Hi girls .. I’m Fawzi… Read More