AEE 1219: If Vin and Georgia Hadn’t Gone Dancing

In today’s episode we will help demystify the third conditional in English. It doesn’t have to be scary! Let’s start off with an example to understand our third conditional and the way it works. Hi Lindsay how’s it going? M: I was in your neighborhood… Read More

AEE 1218: I Take Issue with That! How to Challenge Someone When You Disagree in English

Have you ever heard somebody say “I beg your pardon”? Is this phrase a bit confusing? We are going to look at what this phrase means and how to use it. This is all about how to disagree in a way that doesn’t offend or… Read More

AEE 1217: Don’t Dwell On it! How to Respond Appropriately When Someone Is Stressed in English

Do you have a hard time letting go of something? If something disturbs you, maybe you have a bad day or a bad conversation with someone, is it hard to stop thinking about what happened? If you couldn’t stop thinking about something then someone may… Read More

AEE 1216: How Does Culture Influence Work Ethic?

Do you have a fear of leaving work early? Do you ever look around you at what is happening in terms of your work culture? We’re going to look at what it is like in the US work culture vs. that in Japan to see… Read More

AEE 1215: A Deeper Way to Compliment Someone in English

Have you heard somebody say that they “give you a lot of credit”? Have you wondered what that meant in English? This is a phrase used to compliment people, and it can go a long way in conversation. Connecting through compliments is actually quite common… Read More