English nosy person what to do when someone pries

AEE 1012: Mind Your Own Business! How to Respond When Someone Pries

Have you ever been around someone who asks you personal questions that really aren’t appropriate for the level of your relationship? Have you ever felt uncomfortable when these questions come up in conversation? Knowing how to handle these situations and what to say in English… Read More

what to say in English when you have met someone before

AEE 1011: Surprise! Have We Met Before? What to Say In This Situation

Have you ever run into somebody that looked familiar to you? Did you ever realize in the middle of conversation that you did in fact know them? Is there a way to get out of this situation and say the right thing in English? This… Read More

English pronunciation word often

AEE 1010: Are You Pronouncing “Often” Correctly? Find Out Today

Do you ever hear the word “often” being pronounced differently by native speakers in English? Does it ever feel as if there are some words that are said in two different ways? If you feel like there are words that you simply aren’t sure of… Read More

hooked on something

AEE 1009: Three Ways to Talk About Obsessions in English

Are you hooked on something? Do you ever hear people say that they are “obsessed” with something in English? Do you hear other phrases that speak to being obsessed that you don’t quite understand? There are three phrases in English that speak to being obsessed… Read More

How to use I miss you in English

AEE 1008: Is It Okay to Say “I Miss You” to a Teacher?

 Are there things that you miss in your life? Have you heard somebody talk about missing somebody or someone in English? Do you ever wonder if you are okay to tell somebody that you miss them? We’re going to look at when and how to… Read More