American politics

AEE 1037: The Pivotal Moment of the Year in US Politics

There are things going on in the news right now that we want to talk about. Though we don’t get into politics often, this is a very important issue to discuss. We also want you to be able to know how to talk through these… Read More

in lieu of

AEE 1036: How to Get Fancy and Add Latin to Your English

Have you ever heard somebody use the phrase “in lieu of”? Does this sound like a really difficult one to understand and know how to use? This actually dates very far back, but it is used very often in English. We’re going to show you… Read More

Do I know you navigate embarrassing situation in English

AEE 1035: Do I Know You? How to Navigate this Embarrassing Situation in English

 Have you ever had someone start talking to you and you can’t remember who they are? Do you recognize them but feel uncertain as to who they actually are? We’ve all been in that situation before and it can be pretty awkward. We’re going to… Read More

English expression what you're made of

AEE 1034: How to Employ the Mind of an Athlete for More English and Life Success

Have you ever heard somebody say the phrase “show them what you’re made of”? Is this one of those phrases that shows up often in conversation in English? You may wonder what this means and you likely want to know how to use it properly…. Read More

AEE 1033: How to Forget You’re Learning By Following Your Fascinations

Do you have something that you are really interested in or passionate about? Have you ever considered using this passion or interest to help you to learn more? Have you ever been so involved with this interest that you forgot you were actually learning something… Read More