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Video #1
Four Score-sabotaging Mistakes That 90% of Test Takers Make
Student Story:
The 3 Keys IELTS strategies and course helped me because it gave a clear, easy to follow, and totally effective road map as well as introduced tons of helpful links. 

I would definitely recommend the course to anyone who wants to have great IELTS score. Now that I have achieved my target score I will be able to study abroad and to impress my local employee )). 

Katerina Nadtochiy, Russia
​​​​​​​Overall Band 7

Video # 2
Three Simple Tricks to Instantly Increase Your Speaking Score...Guaranteed
Student Story:

"The 3 Keys IELTS method simply works. I got an overall 8 after studying and using the 3 Keys strategies. The course improved my confidence and changed the way that I study English. The studies can be more fun and so much more useful. The Skype sessions really helped a lot."

Caio de Bem, Brazil 
L: 8  R: 8  S: 7.5 W: 8

Video #3
Three Writing Secrets from an Ex-Examiner
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