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AEE 1809 - Hit the Road this Summer with All Ears English Two girls posing in front of their car during a roadtrip

AEE 1809: Hit the Road this Summer with All Ears English

Do you want to start a conversation about road trips in English? In today’s episode, Aubrey and Lindsay share with you four idioms you can use to start talking about road trips. Listen in and... Read More
IELTS Energy 1185 - How to learn English for IELTS - 3 great ways Textbooks and Alphabet Learning Blocks

IELTS Energy 1185: How to learn English for IELTS: 3 great ways

You know you need strategies for IELTS! However, you may not realize how important it is to immerse yourself in the English language! This is vital to improve fluency scores. It's also necessary to improve... Read More
AEE 1807 - Have a Summer Fling with These English Expressions Sunglasses in the sand in the beach

AEE 1807: Have a Summer Fling with These English Expressions

Do you know any English phrases related to summer? During the summer, there are certain words and expressions that native English speakers use. Listen in on today’s episode as Lindsay and Michelle discuss what they... Read More
"After listening to a lot of English Learning Podcasts, I discover this amazing and dynamic website that pushes my English to the roof. It goes without saying, it is absolutely educational and informative. There is so much to intake and enjoy. They help people from all walks of life. They deserve good praise and reward. Wish them the best !!!"
"Hi I’d like to say I really appreciate your job. I am sure my English is better today than the day I met All Ears English Podcast. Congratulations and thanks for existing. My name is Saulo. I am from Brazil."
Saulo, Brazil
“Hi my name is Sergio from Belo Horizonte, Brazil. I’d like to thank you girls. I am so grateful for your great lessons, your happy mood, your tone of voice. Thank you man, you are part of my life now.”
Sergio, Brazil
I play your podcast every single morning and I enjoy it so much because you are such an inspiration to me. You kind of changed my life. You are expanding my English knowledge abilities in a way that I couldn't imagine.
Sarah Aziziyan
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