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Immerse yourself in REAL English, the way natives speak it. Be ready for any situation.



Learn to build strong relationships in English at work and in your daily life.



Compete on a global scale. Use your flexible English skills in the new and changing economy.

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  • The 3 Keys IELTS Online Course is based on 14 years of Examiner Experience.
  • Get a clear study plan, smart strategies, expert
    coaching, and a supportive community.
  • Increase your IELTS score. It’s guaranteed.

Get past IELTS now to achieve your life goals.


Business English

  • Write emails and participate in meetings with confidence
  • Build relationships that strengthen your career
  • Learn telephone English and small talk for better connections

Grow your career with real English skills for the workplace.


B1 Fluency

  • Learn target skills for B1 in grammar, pronunciation, and speaking
  • Improve your vocabulary and writing for business and life
  • Practice your English at live speaking events

Become a confident English speaker in natural conversations at the B1 level.

B1 English Fluency Online Course All Ears English

B2 Fluency

  • Become more confident in high-level and detailed conversations
  • Expand your vocabulary to sound interesting
  • Master grammar including verb tenses and complex sentences to share your thoughts

Join the B2 English fluency course to move past intermediate English.

Student Stories and Testimonials

"I was really shocked when I went to the US four years ago because my English was not totally understood. I had learned through textbooks. Through listening to the All Ears English podcast then taking their courses I learned how to communicate with native speakers in English."

Keisuke Aoshima

I know a lot of words in English and I think that I have good grammar but to speak with native speakers in real situations is priceless.

Rodrigo, Brazil

"I couldn’t use English in real life at all so I was looking for a place where I could learn real English and could enjoy English. I started listening to All Ears English Podcast about 11 months ago. It took more than 1,000 hours to finish every episode and now I understand about 70% of All Ears English. It was a long journey for me, but I didn’t give up because the team has enormous energy and makes me think that I can do it."


"I have been listening to your podcast since 2014 then I found this special program. Before the program I was struggling to be able to speak like a native speaker but now I have more confidence."


"I'm really glad to express my emotions after getting a good overall Band in IELTS. I'm glad to have you people, the actual fact is your podcasts are not only for IELTS but also for real-life English development which I consider a crucial turning point for my entire life."

Brion Smith

"Your podcasts and Lessons are really fantastic and brilliant. Actually l am from Uzbekistan and I invariably enjoy, relax and sometimes, have fun while l am listening to them. KEEP IT UP and continue wondering not only me but also IELTS candidates to-be."

Odinaxon Maxmudova

"I am a super fan of your podcast. As a matter of fact, I even listened to some of your episodes several times and this legit improves my listening and speaking. My next goal is to complete all the episodes of the IELTS Energy Podcast."

Jo Shan Fu

"I’m a huge fan of your work and I have listened all 1679 episodes since 2016 when I found AEE. You have helped my English a bunch since then, and it’s been my main English learning source so far. I can thank you enough. AEE became part of my daily life. AEE is a blast!"

Fabriciano Braga

"I am writing to you from Bogotá, Colombia. I want to thank you for what you are doing for me and my English with this podcast. All Ears English definitely changed the way I have learned English, it was a big step begin to listen to you. You are doing the best for all your listeners. For sure, listening to you is the best way to improve and reach the goals in this language."

Efrain Angarita

"I love your podcast and I am listening very regularly in the week, at work, during my lunchtime. You have become familiar to me! Keep safe, and I will carry on following you!"


I found All Ears English maybe two months ago and I have to tell you that your podcast about speaking improved my score!! I received my score today and 7.5 in the speaking section was amazing success for me, because last time I got only 6.5. You are doing an amazing job.

Barbora Bujdošová

"I am delighted to inform you that I got the desired score in my writing and overall IELTS exam yesterday."

Anmol Singh

  • L8
  • R7
  • W7
  • S7.5
  • Overall7.5

"Hi Lindsay and Michelle. I just wanted to let you know that I took the TOEFL IBT Exam last week and I scored a 24 in writing and a 22 in listening. I owe you many thanks. I listen to your podcasts every day on my way to work and it all helped me out to a significant degree."

Hussain Al-Sinan

"Hi Aubrey and Jessica. I have been listening to your IELTS Energy podcast since last-year September. And you guys literally revolutionized my English knowledge. Outstanding work. Just want to tell you guys that I'll definitely get Band 9 in IELTS Speaking the next time I take the test, that implication just sums up how wonderful and fantastic your episodes are. Yes, I truly believe that I can achieve that just by watching you guys. I already got an 8 just by watching and learning from you guys last year in October, crazy right?"

Giang Vu

"I’ve been listening to AEE since the pandemic started, you’ve got me through my stuck-with-my-toddler-at-home time and get-back-to-the-world time, and my go-to every morning commute right now, I just want say thank you for your passion and dedication in this, I love this show, you have no idea how much we (the listeners) need you."

Amy, Taiwan

"It's so exciting to make connections with other members of your program and I can sense progress and improvement of speaking English every day. Best of all: It´s not work – its fun!”

Anna Noth

Anna Noth

On test day I had all of this information and tips that other people didn’t know.  All I had to do was just believe in the course and follow the way. I currently reside in Australia and life is great. Thanks to 3 Keys IELTS I was able to conquer IELTS

Ryoki, Japan

Ryoki, Japan

  • L 8
  • R 7.5
  • W 7.5
  • S 8
  • Overall 8

I play your podcast every single morning and I enjoy it so much because you are such an inspiration to me. You kind of changed my life. You are expanding my English knowledge abilities in a way that I couldn't imagine.

Sarah Aziziyan

Sarah Aziziyan

This course has been such a journey, wonderful for my understanding skills, thanks. Nowadays, even when I’m doing something else and the TV is on with something in English, I get some understanding without paying attention. Only after some months with this course. I extremely recommend it!! Thanks a lot.

Jhairo Nunez Garcia

Jhairo Nunez Garcia

I have to score 8 to apply for Permanent Residency in Canada. I found the 3 Keys IELTS course online only 20+ days before my exam.The strategies are concise, easy to understand, to the point, and they WORK! I wish more students could use this course at the beginning of their prep so they can get the scores they want much faster!

Jin Liu

Jin Liu

  • L 8
  • R 9
  • W 7.5
  • S 7.5

This is something completely different from every other resource to study ESL. The gap between what I was used to listening to in all my English classes and the real people in the US was always so big. You’re bringing up real people in their real lives and that makes a huge difference.

Ricardo Rodriguez

Ricardo Rodriguez

Having completed the 60-day study plan, I was able to walk into the test with unshakable confidence. Finally, I could obtain the goal of successfully getting an international English certificate. I would highly recommend 3 KEYS IELTS SUCCESS SYSTEM to anyone who is taking the IELTS exam. This course is a game changer in the IELTS world.

Thanh Nguyen

Thanh Nguyen

  • Overall 7.5

"Hi Lindsay and Michelle. I just wanted to let you know that I took the TOEFL IBT Exam last week and I scored a 24 in writing and a 22 in listening. I owe you many thanks. I listen to your podcasts every day on my way to work and it all helped me out to a significant degree."

Hussain Al-Sinan

Hussain Al-Sinan

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