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Thank you for scheduling your personal coach or VIP session!

Please see important instructions below.
How to Prepare:

If you are doing a Speaking lesson (30 minutes) then you don't need to bring anything to the lesson. Make sure you have completed the Speaking module and that you understand our strategies when you come to the lesson.

If you are doing a Writing lesson (60 minutes), you can get live writing feedback and corrections on two essays (one Task 1 and one Task 2) during your lesson. Please send your completed essays in Google Docs or Microsoft Word to your coach at least 24 hours before the lesson time. During the lesson your coach will review your essay and offer feedback and suggestions and you can ask questions.

**Important Note: Writing Task 1 essays over 200 words, and Writing Task 2 essays over 300 words, WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED, as they are not IELTS-valid.

For more in-depth, written feedback, please purchase email essay corrections. Make sure you have completed the Writing module before your Writing lesson.

Email them to your assigned coach: or

Where we'll meet:

We'll meet on Skype. Please make sure you have Skype installed before your session.

Please add your coach on Skype:

  • Jessica Beck: jessica.allearsenglish
  • Aubrey Carter: aubreycarter_2

If you need to reschedule your coaching appointment, you must contact your coach within 24 hours of the start time. If you do not allow 24 hours you will lose the session.

If you are more than 15 minutes late to your scheduled lesson then you forfeit the lesson and you cannot reschedule it.

You must be a personal coach student or have purchased VIP lessons to take the coaching session. All coaching sessions expire after 180 days. No refunds for lessons that have not been claimed. 

Questions? Need help?
Contact if you need help. We respond to questions within 24 hours Monday through Friday from 9am EST to 5pm EST.