AEE 1341: Should You Praise the Effort or the Result (and How to Do It in English)

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AEE 1340: Beep Beep! Ring Ring! How Using Onomatopoeias in English Can Make You More Interesting

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AEE 1339: Make Your Vocabulary Richer with These Unexpected English Phrases

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AEE 1338: English Acronyms to Break the Connection Barrier in English

Have you heard people talk about going to the ATM? Do you hear people say that they offer something “IMO?” There are so many different acronyms and initialisms in English and it can be hard to distinguish what each of them means. We’re going to… Read More

AEE 1337: Do You Freeze Up in Front of Natives? Our Advice to Ditch the Lizard Brain

Have you ever felt anxiety when you were talking to a native English speaker? Do you ever freeze up and feel like you don’t know the right thing to say? If you have felt unsure or anxious or didn’t know what to say in these… Read More