AEE 1259: This Episode is a 10! How to Talk About Beauty in English

Do you live in a place that is known for beautiful people like LA? Do you ever wonder how exactly to talk about beautiful or handsome people in English? Even though you don’t want to only think about how people look on the outside, it’s… Read More

AEE 1258: Upgrade Your English with One Special Word

Have you heard people talk about “upgrades” in English? Is this something that you feel is important? You may have made some upgrades in your life, some of which were essential and some of which were nice to have. We’re going to show you how… Read More

AEE 1257: Where to Turn When You’re a Newbie in a New Country

Did you just arrive in a new country and do you feel stuck? Are you struggling with how to build a new community for yourself in this new country? If you have moved somewhere new, you need to find ways to make connections and build… Read More

AEE 1256: Why Early Risers Have the Edge

Do you consider yourself a morning or a night person? Have you ever stopped to think about when you are the most productive in a day? Have you noticed that talking about sleep or sleep patterns comes up often in conversation in English? We’re going… Read More

AEE 1255: Does Intonation Matter? It Sure Does!

Have you heard people use the word “sure” in English conversations? Does it feel as though this is a word that has multiple uses in English? If you have ever felt confused by this word, you are not alone. We’re going to look at the… Read More