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Today we help a student eliminate her IELTS Speaking fears! She has taken the exam numerous times, and is only losing confidence and growing more and more anxious about her scores.

Honestly my greatest fear in IELTS is the speaking section. I’ve taken the exam 6 times already since 2014 without hitting my target score of 7. My speaking score is consistently 6.5 throughout the exams. My nervousness really gets overwhelming with my failure. Just a mere mention of IELTS makes me cringe. I feel so hurt and phobic of the exam. 

Taking the exam so many times and not seeing a score increase, combined with financial and familial worries, has put this student into a mental state where she is unable to improve.

Deal With Your Fears

  • Clear your head. Practice gratitude.
    • When you wake up, before you get out of bed, think of 5 things your are grateful for in your life. This practices happiness and tranquility.
    • Training your mind to choose positive thoughts instead of negative thoughts rewires your brain, and this can put you in a beneficial state in IELTS preparation, and on exam day.
  • Get your anxieties out. Try journaling.
    • You can write all about your worries and fears before you go to bed at night. This can help clear your head so you can get a good rest. You need your sleep for your brain to perform at it’s best.
    • Plus, this practices writing fluency.

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  • Practice our preparation strategy of narration.
    • For 5 to 10 minutes every day, as you’re being active around your home, narrate what you’re doing. For example, “Now I’m walking around the house, picking up clothes. I need to remember to do laundry tomorrow. Oh, there’s the book I was looking for.”
    • This practices fluency, adds speaking practice to your life, and helps you gain confidence in speaking English.
  • Practice the IELTS Speaking Exam.
    • Choose a friend to act like an examiner. Do mock exams, 3 times a week, so you get really comfortable with what happens on test day.
    • Since you are practicing with a friend, you will also be practicing being relaxed on the IELTS Exam.
  • Make a Speaking Test Day Plan.
    • Schedule your day in detail. Find a place to each lunch. Have activities planned for while you wait for the Speaking Exam. For example, you can listen to our podcast, watching our YouTube videos. Choose a high-energy song to listen to before your test to get pumped up and confident!

How do you get rid of your IELTS fears?

Let us know in the comments section below.

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