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When it comes to the IELTS Listening test, you’ll want to know exactly what to expect so that you can relax and get the best possible score.

Knowing what to expect will help you feel more confident and able to focus on the recording which will help you get a better score.

There are two key things that you need to expect when you take the Listening test.

Find out what they are today.

Details on the sections of the test:

There are always four listening sections.

There are two types of conversations.

There is a monologue and there is a dialogue.

Section one is a dialogue. Section two is a monologue. Section three is a dialogue.

With section four, it’s a monologue and an academic topic.

That’s why section four is the hardest.

The difficulty of the topics gradually increases.

Sections one and two are more general- planning a party, renting an apartment, or visiting a friend.

In sections three and four the topics focus on academic or professional ideas.

These topics are more high-level.

What accents should you expect on the exam?

Ten years ago it was only British accents but these days you’ll find all English accents on the test.

You’ll hear American, British, Canadian, Australian, and New Zealand accents.

You might even hear a Scottish accent.

You need to prepare by listening to podcasts from different countries. Find a TV show from a different country.

Click here to learn more about how to prepare with different accents.

Don’t worry, you won’t come across very rare accents but you do need to seek out different accents to prepare.

Also, when you prepare you need to listen to lectures like TED Talks and get used to listening to a monologue, one person speaking the entire time.

How to prepare for IELTS Listening?

When you prepare for the IELTS Exam, make sure that the IELTS professional you are working with really understands the different sections of the Listening test.

Your teacher should also find outside resources for you to improve your general listening skills.

When it comes to the Listening test and every other section of the test, you need balanced practice.

That means that you prepare by learning test strategies and also building your general fluency skills.

What questions do you have after today’s episode?

Let us know in the comments below!

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