IELTS Energy 46: How to Prep for Prepositions in Change Over Time Task 1 Writing Questions

In IELTS Writing Task 1 you’ll get Change Over Time questions.

Are you ready to use time prepositions in English to describe these charts and graphs?

Find out how to do it today.

A lot of students make mistakes with these prepositions on Task 1 questions:

  • During: Use only one word after it- The price of soda increased during the summer of 2012
  • From… to : The price of soda increased from June 2012 to September 2012
  • Between…and: Between May and February the price of soda went from $2.12 per can to $2.50 per can

How to practice these:

  • Look at a newspaper and look for graphs, tables, charts
  • Look in business or finance sections of magazines and newspapers
  • When you spot an accurate sentence describing change over time graphs and charts, write it down
  • Practice what you have written down on your own

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