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Do you know which IELTS Reading questions are in order?

Knowing this will save you a lot of time on test day!

Today we’ll share details about Reading questions types.

You’ll learn which have answers in order.

Take notes because this will save you time and boost your IELTS Reading scores!

Why does it matter?

It is vital to have strategies for IELTS Reading.

When answers are in order, you can save time looking for them.

Once you find an answer, you know you don’t need to start at the top of the passage for the next question.

Instead, you can start at the answer you found and continue in the passage.

If you aren’t aware of this, you could waste a lot of time looking for answers.

#1: Completion

Most completion questions will be in order.

  • Short answer
  • Note completion
  • Form completion
  • Sentence completion

Only one type of completion question is NOT in order.

Don’t miss Part 2 for details about this one and all answers that are not in order!

Instructions for these might say, “Complete the notes. Write no more than two words and/or a number.”

These questions will usually show incomplete notes rather than complete sentences.

There will be numbers followed by a blank.

The reading passage could be anything from an article, brochure, or instructions.

Answers will be in order in the reading.

#2: Matching sentence halves

You will be shown a list of half sentences.

There will be a box with the other half of these sentences.

This question type takes a little more time.

However, it will help a lot to know the answers will be in order.

#3: Multiple choice

You’re likely familiar with these!

These are the same as questions on many exams you have taken.

However, these can be the most difficult because you have to look for key words in both the question and answer choices.

There will be questions with several possible answers.

These answers will be in order in the reading passage.

We shared strategies for these and guided practice in a recent episode: IELTS Energy 1370: Guided Practice for IELTS Multiple Choice Questions

Multiple Multiple choice

There will just be one of these questions.

It will look like a normal multiple choice question.

However, the instructions will tell you to choose two or choose three of the possible choices.

Focus on the keywords in the question and find those in the question.

Which questions occur most often on IELTS?

Matching sentence halves is the rarest of these questions.

You will likely see note completion in Section 1.

There is also a very good chance that you will get multiple choice questions.

All of these question types are very likely on your exam.

You need to be ready for all of them.


Knowing which answers will be found in order is vital!

This will save you a lot of time on test day.

If you aren’t aware of this information, you could waste a lot of time scanning from the top of a passage unnecessarily!

Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series with details about questions that are NOT in order!

For strategies for every type of IELTS Reading question, sign up for 3 Keys IELTS.

What questions do you have from today’s episode?

Please leave a comment below.

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