Secrets to the IELTS examDo you want to know some awesome secrets to a high score on the IELTS exam?

Today we have IELTS expert Jack Askew on the show and he is going to give us 3 tips to help you pass the IELTS in order to achieve your dreams in English.



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Jack Tips:

  • Start focusing and preparing early: Get as many sample papers as you can. Don’t cram. Start preparing up to a year in advance if you can. Don’t put it off! Also you’ll need to know if you are doing the general or the academic IELTS in advance because the writing section is different on both tests.
  • Focus on listening: The listening section only comes once  on the exam, you won’t get a chance to listen again so spend a lot of time preparing and improving your listening skills. You can fill your smartphone with listening material such as TED Talks, All Ears English Podcast and other podcasts. You have to start with this way in advance. Also focus on the vowel sounds and write down exactly what you hear during your preparation.
  • Do read-to-write: Don’t think in your own language and try to translate. Instead, study model answers. Jack uses Space Repetition Software. This helps you internalize the correct structure for written English. Remember, you shouldn’t memorize, you should internalize. Jack recommends ANKI


Jack’s Bio:

Jack is an English language coach and IELTS expert. He’s originally from Preston, England, but now lives in the USA with his wife, son, and three dogs. He has been teaching online for seven years and has helped many learners reach their goals.
You can get more IELTS tips by getting his free guide, “7 Tips for the IELTS exam.” 

If you’re not taking the IELTS exam, then here is his free book, “The 5 Keys to Becoming Fluent in English.


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