Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you ever get really excited about something and wish that you had a natural way to express it in English?

Have you heard English slang words used and had no idea what they meant?

Does it ever feel hard to keep up with slang words that you hear others saying in English?

We’re going to look at some of the most common slang words in American English when you want to express your excitement and help you to understand what they mean.

You’ll find that using them in conversation can actually be fun.

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Slang Words Can Come and Go

Certain words seem to pass through being current and popular, and then come back again some time later.

You want to try to keep up with slang words because they tend to be used often in daily conversations.

These are not words that you would find in the dictionary, but they can help you to relate to others when you want to express your excitement.

Try using some of the more common slang words, and you will see just how fun this type of vocabulary can be.

Using Slang In Everyday Conversations

Some of these slang words are used often, and so they can help to know.

You may not use all of them, but they are a part of mainstream vocabulary.

Gnarly: This can be a paraphrase for “sick” or super cool. If you think that something is really cool, you might say this word. This is the positive way to use it. You may also use it to describe something that is difficult or challenging. This is the more negative and perhaps more common way to use it.

Amped or Pumped: These both mean to show excitement about something. You might hear pumped used more often, but they both mean the same thing. This is about being enthusiastic or excited about a situation, a person, or something along those lines.

Dope: This may not be used in the mainstream as often but it means that something is cool. You may also hear the word “sick” used in the same sort of context. It’s used often in parts of the country like California and it means that something is really great or super cool.

These words can be really fun to try out and see how they feel.

Slang is nothing that you will learn in a textbook, but these are the fun aspects of everyday conversation that you can learn to enjoy.


When you feel excited about something you should express it! Today you have learned a few ways to do that naturally in English.

You want to keep up with some of the latest slang words so that are aware of how to use them in conversations.

Try using them and see how much fun they can be in your English conversations.

This is a great way of connecting to natives and to build up your vocabulary too.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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