AEE 1298: Finally Give the Word Wouldn’t the Attention It Deserves

Have you heard people use the phrase “wouldn’t you know it” in English? Do you often feel a bit confused by the usage of the word “would” or “wouldn’t?” This may involve some English grammar but we’re going to stick to grammar that is useful… Read More

AEE 1264: Millions and Billions of Ways to Learn Numbers in English

Do you have a hard time saying larger numbers in English? Do you find larger numbers to be overwhelming and confusing? Larger numbers can be tricky even for native English speakers, and so you are not alone if you struggle with this. We’re going to… Read More

AEE 1236: Don’t Make These English Mistakes with Countable and Uncountable Nouns

When you speak another language and are busy trying to connect with others, do you realize that you make mistakes with grammar? Do you struggle with certain grammar issues when you are speaking fast in English? It’s easy to have this happen since there is… Read More