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AJ Hoge explains how to learn English with emotionDo you know why it’s important to learn English with emotion?

Today we have a special guest on the show who is going to show you a new way to learn English to finally succeed!

AJ Hoge is the founder of Effortless English.

AJ believes that you need three things to make your English learning work.

You need to learn with emotion, you need to listen as much as possible, and you need to use REAL English materials. AJ is one of many awesome guests that we have had on AEE.

AJ’s tips today are great for anyone who wants to reach a level of confidence in English conversation or anyone who wants to increase their score on the IELTS or the TOEFL.

AJ’S Tips for Success:

  • Learn with emotion: AJ thinks that emotion is 80% of success. You can’t be passive when you learn. You need to bring your mind to life and put some energy and power into your English learning by using emotions. What should do if you feel embarrassed? Use your body and stand up straight, breathe deeply, and speak louder. These are the first steps to get active and emotional with your learning!
  • Start with listening: AJ reminded us that you need to listen before you speak. Babies learn by listening for months before they ever try to say a word. Let your brain absorb the sounds of English. Listen to people around you. Listen to podcasts, TV shows, movies, and other real materials. Don’t pressure yourself to use what you hear right away. It’s ok if your listening ability is higher than your speaking ability. Just keep listening!
  • Listen to REAL English: Don’t focus on the small, grammatical points of the language. Focus on real American English and listen to people who are talking about topics that grab your interest. Don’t rely on textbooks. You will never have a conversation with someone about grammar points. No one wants to talk about that. Look on You Tube and iTunes for interesting listening material. Focus on your own interests and hobbies.

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“You have to take control. Instead of letting a textbook company give it to you, just go search and find it yourself.”

– AJ Hoge

AJ’s Bio:

A.J. Hoge is the founder of Effortless English and host of The Effortless English Show and Podcast.  

He is known for creating powerful English speakers who become successful international leaders…

…. without using boring grammar books, textbooks, or old school methods.

A.J. Hoge has a Masters degree in TESOL and has been teaching English as a Foreign Language since 1996.

Visit Effortless English at:

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