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Today Chad from Real Life Radio Podcast is here!

Chad is going to show us how to live English and not just learn it.

Chad has three keys to real life English fluency that he is going to share with us today.

Listen to this interview with Chad to change the way you learn English.

Three keys to real life English fluency:

  • Don’t just learn the language but live it: Don’t just take an English class. Don’t make it separate from your life. Don’t make it a school subject. Connect your English learning to your life. Chad did this when he was learning Portuguese and he started learning Capoeira and he got active in the community. He had to sing in Portuguese. It made the learning process easier and more fun.
  • Don’t focus on grammar: Build vocabulary first and start using the language. Don’t make grammar the main focus of your studying. Don’t get paralyzed. Don’t make it right or wrong. Make your goal to communicate rather than get the grammar 100% correct. Get into a routine of listening to real, natural English the way that natives speak it. Also be comfortable with not understanding everything. Even native speakers don’t understand 100% of what they hear.
  •  Have a community that can support you: You could create a community of colleagues or other English listeners on the internet or in real life. Try to connect with both English learners and native speakers. Don’t be afraid to speak English with them if you are not in a class. You have to take your English learning outside of the class.

 Chad’s Bio:

Chad was born in Perth Western Australia but currently lives in Belo Horizonte Brazil. He has been a qualified English teacher and language learner for the past 10 years.

He is also the co-founder of RealLife English which is an English learning experience that connects people through English, both online and in-person.

Find out more about the RealLife Community at their website ( where you can also see their vast range of articles, videos, and podcasts. Aw Yeah!!

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