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Have you ever dressed up for Halloween?

Did you ever have any customs that involved dressing up in your home country?

In the US, Halloween is a fun holiday where kids and some adults dress up.

This is great fun to talk about, and we’re going to show you how to add in some fun and fitting words into these conversations.

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Thinking Back On Halloween In The Past

Who were you for Halloween as a kid?

This is something that you will find is talked about within the culture in US quite often.

Though this may not be a tradition of yours in your culture, there are some interesting words to take from these conversations in English.

The word we can learn is “fashion” as a verb.

As a verb, it means to assemble or make something.

You know it as “fashion” in the sense of what clothes are in right now, but the verb usage applies here as well.

What are some costumes you might remember for Halloween?

Memories of Halloween and costumes and things like that may be very embedded in American culture.

You may have some similar memories within your own culture that you like to think of too–those are great to share in conversation.

In the US, people really like to dress up for Halloween and there are a lot of traditions that come with that.

You may dress up more as a kid, but dressing up for an adult Halloween party is quite common too.

This is something interesting to talk to natives about that you may want to consider.

Talking About Costumes and Unusual Fashion

The word “boxy” may mean that it a piece of clothing is roomier or not form fitting.

You could also say that you have a “boxy” body type too.

If you are saying that something that you are wearing is “boxy” then it means that it flows almost too much–it’s not a very flattering when you put it on.

If you are a ballerina, you wear something called a “bun” in your hair.

This means that you pull all the hair up into a tightly wound pile on top of your hair.

You might hear people talking about a “man bun” these days, and that’s a very common trend.

Men may wear their longer hair pulled up into a bun on top of their head.

It may not be preferred by some, but this is a trend that you will see a lot.

Fun Ways of Talking About Dressing Up

There are some words that just add fun to a conversation.

You may hear “wacky” used for some costumes or fashions.

If something is really unusual or out there, like beyond the norm then you might call it wacky.

It’s like a combination of weird, funny, and silly–that’s what makes up wacky.

These are all good words to use in conversation to take things up a notch.

It can be interesting to use these words in English, especially with natives.

Talking about costumes or Halloween is a great way to integrate into the American culture, and it’s fun too.

You can add your own experiences if you have them, try to add in these words, or just keep it as a fun conversation that both of you enjoy.


Talking about Halloween is a very common thing within the US.

This can be fun for you to talk about with natives, even if you don’t have this experience yourself.

There are aspects to any culture that can be fun to talk about, and this is a great example of that.

Try using some of these words to really add another fun element to the conversation–you might even get some inspiration to dress up yourself.

You may also need to talk about fashion, costumes, and dressing up on the IELTS Speaking test. Learn more here.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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