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Have you heard of boomtowns within US history?

Have you heard people talk about these in English and wondered what they mean?

If you look at the history of boomtowns, these were cities that were once vastly popular that changed dramatically over time.

We’re going to look at this idea of boomtowns in history, and how some of the bigger cities may face that hardship once the health crisis is over.

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Looking At The History of Boomtowns

What do we think will happen to large cities due to the health crisis in 2020?

What is a boom town and how can it be a good topic of conversation?

What will change in these big cities after this is all over with?

There are a lot of think pieces about “urban flight”, which is to say people leaving the bigger cities to move to smaller cities.

Up until this point, people wanted to move to the bigger cities like NYC, and there is a lot of speculation if that will continue or change.

People are becoming more flexible with their work and many are still working from home.

Then people are evaluating if they need all the amenities of a bigger city, and if it’s worth paying so much to be there.

Even companies are starting to give up their office space in big cities because more of their employees are working from home.

Some cities already started to see the trend of people moving out of a bigger city like Boston to get a home in a smaller town.

This idea can offer more value for your money and more of what you might want at a certain point in your life.

This can all lead you to a history lesson on something known as “boomtowns.”

So what is a boomtown?

A boomtown is a place that skyrockets in population due to some specific industry.

So Detroit has seen this due to the car industry, or in the Pacific Northwest it was due to the timber industry.

However as these industries change, it can leave these cities in dire situations.

You can see a lot of people moving out of these areas once the industry is not as prevalent.

There may not be jobs or as much of a draw to such a city when the industry changes.

These cities may have been a boomtown when this industry was hot or the product was in high demand, but then situations change.

There may no longer be the draw to this location and so this leaves the city and all of the businesses around there in a bad situation.

The Future of What May Be Boomtowns

In the future it may be that people realize they don’t need to pay so much to live in the bigger cities anymore.

This may change based on work situations, life changes, or just a change in your concept of what is desirable to you anymore.

You might change your view of the suburbs for example as you get older and have kids for example.

You may no longer need the access to everything that a big city has as you get older and settle down a bit.

The city may change or there may be circumstances that make you think twice about what you want or need.

Your thoughts and desires may change drastically after the pandemic is over.

Once you get used to things being a certain way during this health crisis, your perspective may change.

This is something to think about, especially where big cities are concerned.

You want to be able to have conversations about these things because they are going to be important moving forward.

You can make connections by talking about these things especially because they are so time sensitive right now.

This is a trend to keep an eye on, as it will be interesting to see what happens as we move through this pandemic and figure out where we will be at the end of it.


Learning about the history of boomtowns is helpful for what is happening in today’s world.

There are so many things that we can learn from what happens in these cities, and it will be interesting to see how it compares to modern day.

There are bound to be changes, particularly in big cities, when this health crisis is over.

This is a great topic to discuss with people, and it can make for interesting conversation and great connections.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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