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In today’s fast English group conversation, the All Ears English team share their favorite and least favorite personality traits.

Are we stuck with our personality traits or can they be changed?

Listen in to the group conversation with Lindsay, Michelle, and Aubrey about what they like and dislike about their personalities.

Discover if you have the same personality traits as some of our team.

In this lesson, you will learn new English vocabulary you can use in your daily conversations to gain the confidence to speak like a native English speaker.

What is Your Best Personality Trait?

Aubrey opens with a question to the team: “Do you think personality traits can be changed?”

Lindsay doesn’t think you can change your personality.

She believes that once you are set a certain way, it would be hard for you to change.

You may open your mind, but your basic personality traits are with you for life.

Aubrey hopes this is not true, because she has a long list of her own traits she wants to change.

Here are the best personality traits shared by the All Ears English team:

  • Lindsay considers herself to be empathetic. This is a personality she feels is a double-edged sword. It is her favorite thing about herself and least favorite as well. As an empath, she often reads and imagines what other people are thinking and feeling. She always thinks about the state of the other person, and it may come to a point where goes overboard. She does it too much and may lose her center at times and may forget about herself.
  • Aubrey shares that she is loyal and dependable. She is not flaky. She makes sure to arrive on time and deliver whatever she promises. She doesn’t like letting people down. It bothers her when she is late or does not stick to a commitment.
  • Michelle is empathetic, just like Lindsay and is also very friendly. Aubrey agrees with this and adds that Michelle also has a very inclusive outlook. Michelle wants people to be comfortable around her and not hesitate to approach her if needed.

What is Your Least Favorite Personality Trait?

Aubrey shares that she has a very addictive personality.

It becomes problematic because she may have laser focus on one thing and then she totally forgets her other responsibilities.

She often feels guilty about this because she can drop everything for one thing that she is really interested in at that time and forget her family.

She is aware of this and takes caution when she is obsessed with a new hobby.

She steps back and takes a moment to reassess her priorities and makes sure she doesn’t forget and overlook her responsibilities when she is preoccupied with her obsession.

Do You Make an Effort to Work on Your Bad Personality Traits?

Lindsay can relate with Aubrey because she can be obsessive as well.

But she advises that there is nothing bad with wanting to do something for yourself.

If you allocate time to do it within reason and not neglect other tasks that matter, it is not a problematic trait.

Michelle feels like her positive trait of being empathetic may also be a negative.

She may be friendly but there can be times she can be excessive wherein it can look like she’s people-pleasing.

It can be healthy but if you go overboard, it can be destructive.

Lindsay dislikes the fact that she is not a good listener.

She can be so consumed with her thoughts that she can’t capture what other people are sharing with her.

She can listen well and be attentive at work but in her personal life, not so much.

She can space out and simply ignore whatever is around her, which is not very well received by the people around her in her personal life.

She is working hard to fix this and be more conscious when this happens.

Do You Think Your Personality Changes Depending on Who You Are With?

Michelle asked if your personality changes depending on who you are with?

Are there certain personality traits that come out when you are with certain people?

Lindsay sees that she can adapt to any type of crowd. She can network well with others.

When she does this, she can agree that she adjusts herself to get along with the people she’s with.

Aubrey also agrees that her personality changes depending on who she is with.

She can be very impatient, and it varies if she is at work or with family.

Michelle shares that she can be shy in different settings.

Most of the time, she gets shy when meeting new people.

Especially when the people in the group know each other, and you are the new person.

She is worried that she will put herself out there and they might misunderstand her.

Lindsay agrees with this.

She says there is a mild manifestation of the middle school trauma wherein you try to fit in different cliques.


We all have personality traits that we love, and other people love about us as well.

There would also be traits that we want to change or need to work on.

Most of it is ingrained and can be hard to change.

The best we can do is minimize bad traits and keep ourselves in check.

This is an interesting topic you can bring up with your friends and family.

Engaging in a conversation with multiple people is a good way to practice your listening skills.

Aside from speaking, you need to be keen with what you are talking about so you can respond and keep the conversation going in English.

There are so many benefits in listening to a discussion between more than two native speakers who are speaking at a fast or normal pace.

There is the aspect of talking over and interrupting each other which often happens in a normal group conversation.

It is good practice to hone your listening skills that you won’t get from textbooks or inside classrooms.

This is one of the best ways to become more confident in communicating and listening in English.

This makes you ready to participate with native English speakers and not miss opportunities to make good connections with others.

What do you think about today’s topic?

Are you changing any bad traits you have? Share in the comments below any tips to work around your bad traits.

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