Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today, Lindsay talks with TEDx speaker and ESL expert Mindy Young about how to use music, painting and poetry in learning English!


It can be hard to get out of your head when learning English.  Mindy suggests you start by getting out of your textbook and into the world.  If you’re enjoying learning and interacting, you’re no longer just learning — you’re communicating.

The arts are a great way to do this.  Consider the following:

  • Music: Learning song lyrics will probably be more fun than a textbook, and you’re likely to discover some new vocabulary.  A song can be listened to more than once.  It can stick in your head.  Singing can also help you with pronunciation and intonation.  Dancing with the music will make it easier to remember.
  • Poetry and scripts: Check out poems by Shel Silverstein or Jack Prelutsky.  They’re short, silly and fun, and are written at an easy English level.  But they’re also intelligent and play with jokes and double meanings in English words.  If you have friends who are learning English, try reading a script from a television show.  Take on the role of a character and practice being a native speaker.
  • Visual art: Observe the image of a famous painting.  Write as many descriptive words about it as you can.  Then, try to make sentences using all of those words.  Write down what the painting makes you feel, and why.  Go deep.


To learn more about Mindy’s school go to ESL Arts Advantage


Do you use the arts in your English learning?

Let us know how in the comments section below!



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