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English with Jo and the Royal FamilyToday you will learn how an English teacher from Australia got a job working in England for the Royal Family!

Today is Meeting Monday and we are here with Jo from

This site has some great lessons for teachers to use in class, as well as collections of vocabulary for students.

Jo tells us a bit about her experiences living and working in the UK. She worked for Prince Charles, Prince Harry, and Prince William.

It’s such a great peak into the lives of the British Royals!

Here are some expressions that Jo is going to teach us from her time with the Royal Family:

  • “To Live the High Life”: To have a luxurious way of living, to have an easy life
  • “To be given things on a silver platter”: To receive something without having to work for it
  • “Pomp and ceremony”: This expression can be used to describe big, exciting state celebrations like the Royal Wedding that observe a lot of formal traditions and fancy customs


Jo is an online English teacher who ran the website She grew up in Sydney, Australia, where she studied Education Psychology, and spent 5 years teaching language, cognitive, and social skills to children with autism.  In 2006, she moved to London where she worked for the British Royal Family for nearly 5 years.   She then moved to Greece, obtained a Teaching English as a Foreign Language certificate and started up an online English teaching school.  Jo has now taught students from more than 20 different countries, including: Russia, China, Saudi Arabia, Syria, Spain, Uruguay, Hungary, South Korea, and many more. Jo teaches all kinds of English lessons including grammar lessons and exam preparation lessons. However, the most popular lessons are the conversation lessons where students learn how to speak ‘real English’ in a fun and natural way.


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