Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Today Jessica and Aubrey come to All Ears English to invite you to an upcoming webclass: 3 Things Native Do That You Don’t.

Sign up and grab your spot for the webclass:

In this webclass, Jessica and Lindsay will be hosting live!

You’ll learn specific features of English to help you UNDERSTAND and PARTICIPATE in natural, native conversations.

You’ll learn pronunciation rules of how natives connect their words when they speak fast.

You’ll also learn super natural idioms and slang that natives use in conversations all the time. These are phrases that you’ll only get in this webclass, and not from any textbooks!

And, finally, you’ll learn really native signpost phrases that natives use to switch topics and introduce different ideas, like personal opinions.

Here’s a sneak peek of some phrases you’ll learn:

  • buy (into)– believe
    • I don’t buy that. You totally did not just win the lottery.
  • buy something hook, line, and sinker– to completely, totally believe something
    • I bought that hook, line, and sinker. You totally fooled me!
  • scam– a plan or scheme to trick you out of money
    • Some people think that fortune telling is just a scam.

Learn more native phrases, transitions, and pronunciation rules in our webclass on May 8th and 10th!

It’s free, live, and will NOT be recorded!

Grab your spot now and put it in your calendar. Set an alarm so you make sure not to miss this amazing live class!

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