Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

Do you try to speak fast to sound like a native English speaker?

Today, Lindsay and Jessica discuss why you shouldn’t leave your heart behind on the IELTS Speaking Section!

Nobody expects you to sound exactly like a native speaker.  People just want to understand you.  So if you’re talking too fast and trying to sound like a native, you might actually become more difficult to understand.

Speed is not important.  If you speak with clarity and confidence, you will always sound better than if you’re in a rush.  You have to be able to relax, pause between sentences, and use intonation and emotion.

If you want a high score on the Speaking Section, the examiner must be able to understand what you’re saying.  Intonation is important — practice expressing your feelings so you DON’T sound like a robot!

Varied Intonation is Key for IELTS Speaking

You can’t have a monotone. 

If asked about fun, exciting things, you should sound excited and happy.

  • How often do you hang out with friends
  • What’s your favorite food or restaurant
  • Describe one of your hobbies

Let emotion sound in your voice.

It would sound strange if you answered these with a serious, formal tone.

Speaking Part 1 and Speaking Part 3 should sound different!

You should sound very different answering more serious Part 3 questions.

  • How can we reduce air pollution?
  • Are companies more likely to create environmentally friendly policies now than in the past?
  • What are some of the drawbacks to the increased use of technology?

 Watch the video now!

Strategies to improve intonation

Practice shadowing and mimicking.

Record yourself and listen to it back

Can you hear the emotion?

Is the tone appropriate for the question type?

How are you going to speak English with your heart?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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