IELTS Energy 857: When Grammar Matters 1: Transitions and Compounds for IELTS Writing

Today we begin a new grammar series! We will focus on the only grammar rules that matter for your IELTS grammar score. There’s a lot of complicated, difficult grammar that you shouldn’t waste time on! A lot of those rules take time to master that… Read More

IELTS Energy 855: Notes from a Conversation with a Current Examiner

Recently, Jessica sat down to chat with an IELTS Examiner who grades IELTS exams every week. She gave tips and advice about why students get low scores. Today we share her advice with you! We want to make sure you stay updated with any changes… Read More

IELTS Energy 852: It’s Your Lucky Day! High Level Idioms for IELTS

Today you’ll learn 5 band 7+ idioms to talk about luck. Luck comes up often on the IELTS exam. Both Aubrey and Jessica had some bad luck recently. Aubrey got stuck waiting for a train and missed a volleyball game. Jessica broke a curtain, was… Read More