Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"

The United States is a huge country.

Gun control and gun possession is a hot issue in American culture right now.

Because the country is so huge there is a large range of opinions on this topic.


Gun control will be a major module in the course that we’ll release later this fall.


How can you build your confidence when you talk about gun control with natives?

You need to start by calling up your own stereotypes in your mind.

What are you expecting the person to share and to think?

This gives you a little bit of knowledge going into something.

What the other person says may be completely different from your own stereotype and that’s ok but this strategy will build your confidence because it will remind you that you already know something about the topic.


What’s coming in our course?

In our course we will share four different interviews with Americans on guns.

You’ll meet two guys from the NRA, a hippy from the South, and an older gentlemen from Wyoming.

The videos will surprise you in what the people share. It’s coming later this fall so keep listening to these bonus episodes!


Keep learning!

Want to get a free sample lesson?

Meet a gun salesman from Texas and get a free listening lesson.

Click here to get it.


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