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Today you’ll learn the most common American first and last names for IELTS Listening.

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Why do you have to know common English names?

Because, on the IELTS Listening test, they will not spell the common names. You are expected to know how to spell them.

As you watch this video, treat it like a listening quiz. Pause the video after you hear me say each name, and write it down.

Many students think that IELTS is a British-centric exam. That’s not true!

There are voices from America, Canada, Australia and New Zealand on the exam. Thus, you need to prepare for different accents.

Also, watch my last video about British common names!

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Most common American first names:

James, Mary, John, Robert, Jennifer, Michael, Linda

Most common American last names (some are the same as British surnames, so see the last video for those!):

Johnson, Davis, Miller, Wilson, Anderson

Comment below- ask me an IELTS question, and I might do a future video lesson about it!

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