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Do you find that you still get dressed up for work these days even if you work from home?

Are you somebody who still likes to get dressed up and ready each day?

There are a lot of thoughts about getting dressed up or staying more casual, and there may even be a tie to productivity and mood as well.

Today we are looking at the idea of getting dressed up or dressed down, what this may do to your mindset, and how this may impact your day overall.

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Thinking About What You Get Dressed In

Do you get dressed up everyday for work?

Has working from home during the pandemic changed the way that you get yourself ready each day?

Though some people tend to gravitate to comfy clothes, others still get fully dressed and ready even if they work from home.

This is something to think about, and it may contribute to your overall mood and productivity if you can believe it.

There was an article that is well worth a read that talks about this very thing, and you can find it here.

“How Getting Dressed Up (Or Not) To Sit Home All Day Affects Your Mood” By Esther Akutekha 01/19/2021 05:51am EST

How Getting Dressed Affects Your Mood

This article talks about how your mood may be affected by the way in which you get dressed and ready each day.

That doesn’t necessarily apply to everyone, but this level of being prepared for the day may play into how you feel about yourself and the day ahead of you.

If you get fully dressed and take time to still get yourself ready each day, then it may positively impact your mood.

You may however not find it necessary to get fully ready if you work from home and don’t really see anybody on a daily basis.

This is very common in these times during the pandemic, and you can start to see this reflected out in the world.

If you look around, you can see that fashion and fashion trends have certainly changed with the pandemic.

You see a lot more lounge wear and comfortable clothes, primarily because more and more people are at home frequently.

You see a lot of work from home clothes, cute sweats, and just a general trend towards comfy clothes.

Can It Have That Great Of An Impact?

So could it really be that there is that strong of a link between getting ready in the morning and your mood?

Can what you wear really influence your overall productivity?

This is of course different for everyone, and therefore you may find that this doesn’t have an impact on you at all.

The article talks about how what you wear can definitely affect your emotional state, as well as your mental health.

It sort of sets the tone for the day and the way in which you feel, which may be something that you never really thought of.

What is interesting is apparently it isn’t what you might think, and so you want to read it to see for yourself.

You might think that the article would say to always get dressed and look nice for an improved mood, but that’s not always the case.

Sure many of us may benefit from going through our routine and dressing for success, but the article will tell you that everyone is different.

The article goes over the positives of each, so that is whether you are dressing up or dressing down.

This thought process may be very familiar to you, or some of these ideas may be completely different than how you feel.

Let’s take a look at how this works when it comes to dressing up or dressing down.

Again some of these may be relatable while others may not be something that you can identify with at all.

  • Dressing up: This can make you happier, and it may make you feel more like you want to get things done. It can be easier to be able to get back to normal when it is time to go back to work. You may have a greater ability to be “creative”, and of course this all ties into your productivity and mood overall.
  • Dressing down: This can make people nervous, and it may feel as though too much goes into deciding on clothes. This could actually make you get less done in the long run, and therefore it’s not quite as beneficial as you might think. This is a generalization, but what many people think when it comes to dressing down overall.

The article talks about Steve Jobs and what he usually wore, as that’s something that so many of us can identify with.

So creativity can work with flashy or non flashy clothes, and this is not only something that can happen if you dress a certain way.

In the end they say it depends on the person, and that is perhaps the biggest takeaway from the article.

If you are somebody who feels good when you are all dressed and ready to go, then you may find that getting dressed up for the day helps.

However if you enjoy dressing down and feeling comfortable, then that may be how you do best and it may lead to increased productivity and a relaxed mood.

Which style do you tend to identify with more?

If you are still working from home, do you get dressed up or do you go more for comfort?

What do you think the future of fashion will be after the pandemic?

Is this a cultural thing or universal?


What you wear can impact how you feel, how much you get done, and your overall mood and mindset.

You want to consider this as you get dressed in the morning, particularly if you are in a work from home situation.

There is more to it but you do want to consider what sort of tone you are setting for the day in the way that you get dressed and ready.

Everyone is of course different, and so this may not be the only thing that dictates your productivity and mood, but it’s definitely something to look at.

Read the article we talk about to find out more and see what you identify with in there.

This is a very relevant topic right now, and one that you want to be in tune to overall.

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section.

We’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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