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Do you need to get an IELTS tutor?

In today’s article, you’ll found out how an IELTS tutor can help you, and what to look for when hiring your IELTS coach.

#1 Personalized Speaking Feedback

Everyone has different challenges.

Is yours pronunciation? Perhaps your lack of expressiveness is causing the examiner to miss your excellent ideas and vocabulary.

Or, perhaps you’ve done the research yourself, and are using slang and idioms that you think lead to higher scores.

However, you might be using the phrases incorrectly, which leads to no more than a 6 for Vocabulary.

Only a native speaker with IELTS knowledge can tell you if your words and phrases are appropriate for various parts of the exam.

Plus, the IELTS Speaking Exam is not like daily conversation. It is unique, and you need someone to tell you exactly how your speaking is scored.

#2 Personalized Writing Feedback

Again, every student is different.

You may have a variety of challenges in writing, holding you back from a 7 or higher.

Only someone who knows exactly what the examiner is looking for can help you get those scores.

The IELTS essays are so short, that you must be extremely organized to meet all the requirements for high scores.

Lastly, it’s very difficult to proofread your own work, and you can’t teach yourself what you don’t know.


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#3 Activities that Target Your Needs

A proper IELTS tutor doesn’t just know about the exam, but also is first and foremost an educator.

This means that she/he will be able to assign you specific activities and practice exercises to overcome your faults and highlight your strengths.

How to Get an IELTS Tutor

First of all, this person should be a native speaker.

Secondly, and most importantly, they should be a person with intimate knowledge of the exam and the scoring process, and only examiners or ex-examiners have this.

Now, be aware, current IELTS Examiners are not allowed, contractually, to advertise the fact that they are examiners.

Additionally, they are not allowed to assign band scores outside the exam.

So, if someone is publicly advertising the fact that they are an examiner, and/or assigning band scores for Writing and Speaking, they are either NOT  a real examiner, or they will be suspended soon for breaking their contract.

Having said that, you do not need someone to give you a band score.

You only need to tell your tutor the scores you need, and they will tell you what to change, what to practice and what to do on test day to make sure to achieve your needed scores.

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