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Jessica Beck
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Today we bring you IELTS Energy Episode #100!!

We’ll give you 5 tips for improving when you think you can’t and we’ll tell you about a special invitation at the end of the episode.

The easiest way to get a 7 on IELTS Speaking is by working on your pronunciation!

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Do you feel like you are plateauing with your IELTS preparation?

Are you not getting any better?

Can you say everything you need to and understand everything you hear?

But maybe you can’t understand difficult articles that use academic English.

Today we’ll show you 5 things you can do to get out of your comfort zone and push past this plateau in order to hit that 7 IELTS level.

Remember, you need to action on these points every single day.

It’s easy to do it once per week or just once per month but what are you doing every single day?

5 things to do:

  • Reading: You need to expose yourself to higher level words. Read the Washington Post or the Huffington Post or the New Yorker. If you don’t read these kinds of materials you won’t get a chance to see these high-level words that you need for the IELTS Exam.
  • Listening: Listen to what native speakers listen to. Try TED Talks on You Tube. Search for a specific topic that you are interested in. A lot of native speakers listen to You can find music, news, comics. Listen to The Moth Radio Hour and Snap Judgment on NPR.
  • Take a class: Take a class in a topic that is not focused on ESL. Take a cooking class in English. Take an art class. Go to EdX from MIT and take it online.
  •  Writing: Challenge yourself to write a short story. Interview someone in your family and write a biography about that person. Research a topic that interests you and write a short report on the topic. Take something that you like to read in your native language and translate it into English.
  •  Speaking: Push yourself to talk to native speakers. It’s easy to talk to other English learners but try to find a tutor or a language exchange for free where you can really hear correct English. Find a site where you can get a native partner online or in your city.

If you do these five things or even just one or two of these things you will have a much better chance of improving your IELTS score.

Let us know which of these activities you are already doing. How is it going?

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