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Jessica Beck
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Today you’ll get four phrasal verbs to break your score ceiling for the IELTS Exam!

In the past we have shown you other phrasal verbs and idioms for a 7 or higher when you talk about work, family, or your hometown.

Today find out exactly how to push your score higher than you ever imagined with four phrasal verbs using “break.”

You could also use these phrasal verbs in the Writing test in your body paragraphs.

You could say, “Let’s now break down this topic and examine it in detail.”

Four phrasal verbs with “break”:

  • To break it down: To divide something into small pieces, to examine it in a more simple way, to look closely at something.
  • To break out: To start singing such as “I broke out in song when I got my 7 score” or this could mean to develop a lot of acne on the face, “Kids in middle school always broke out in zits.”
  • To break up: To end a relationship or to split a period of time or an object into smaller pieces. You could use this on Speaking Part 2 when you describe an experience or if you describe a movie or a song.
    • Sample sentences:
      • “IELTS test day is broken up into a few different time chunks”
      • “I don’t mean to break up this meeting but I have to make an announcement.
      • “I broke up with my boyfriend last week.
  • To break in: To enter a home or building without being invited with the intention to steal something.

Have you used any of these phrasal verbs on your IELTS Exam?

Let us know in the comments below.

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