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On the IELTS exam recently, a student introduced his answer in a very awkward way.

The topic was about describing a museum he’d been to.

He said:

Have you ever been to a museum? Of course you have. I will talk about a museum I have been to.

Why is this low-scoring?

It sounded very rehearsed and robotic.

Plus, this is inappropriate. It sounds like the introduction to a presentation in front of a group of people.

Part 2 is not a presentation IELTS candidates!

More phrases NOT to use:

I am going to talk about…

Today I would like to talk about…

The reason these phrases are low-scoring is that a native speaker would never say them!

In order to get a 7 or higher, your communication must sound natural, approaching the way a native speaker would communicate.

A better phrase to introduce your IELTS Part 2:

When I saw this topic, what immediately came to mind was…

However, be warned! Do not over-rehearse this either. Then, you will still end up sounding robotic.

A great resource to learn more natural, native ways to introduce your Part 2 talk would be to listen to interview programs. Pay attention to the ways that guests and topics are introduced on these shows.


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Natural, native IELTS Part 2 introduction examples:

If I had to describe a museum that I’ve been to, I’d rather actually describe an aquarium I’ve been to.

Notice that this example directly addresses the topic, museums, then signals that the speaker is going to talk about something slightly different. This will not decrease your score!

You can definitely talk about something a bit different, as long as you tell the examiner what you’re doing, and you mention the topic at the beginning.

Well, jeez, to be honest I wish I had more dinners with friends. It’s kind of hard to remember one because we usually go out with our kids and it’s really focused on the kids and not the parents.

This is the strategy:

Talk through your thoughts on how you chose the topic. This is a great introduction!

Practice the strategy by introducing these topics:

A dinner you had recently with friends

A museum you have been to

An historic building in your town or city

How could you use these Part 2 introduction examples?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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