Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Today we help out an IELTS Energy listener, and explain why word lists never work.

My previous scores were Listening 6.5, Reading 6.5, Writing 6 and Speaking 7.5. I need to get an 8 or a 7 for each skill. Unfortunately, my previous experience in buying these internet-based packages was not good. For example, they sell 504 or 1100 vocab. lists as their IELTS vocab. services. How can I become more sure about your suggested package?

The first reason you can be confident in our course is because we’re not giving you hundreds of vocabulary words!

You’re not going to remember that many words. There’s no such thing as the perfect “IELTS Vocab. List”.

You don’t know exactly what topics will be in Reading and Listening– it could be back pain or igloos, who knows!

That’s why memorizing lists of, especially, topic specific words doesn’t work.

The reason why these lists are out there is because people know this is a sure way to make money off of students. They know students always want vocab., and, even though this does not increase your score, they know you’ll purchase what they’re selling.

In our course we don’t have any fillers that waste your time. Every single thing in the course is directly connected to raising your IELTS results.

Having said that, we do have the vocabulary that you will definitely need to know to pass the exam. For instance, vocab. for describing numbers in Academic Task 1, you need to memorize and be able to use.

Plus, there are short lists with high-level words that you can learn for any topic, such as utilize, instead of use. There’s another list with natural, more informal phrases, that you should use on Speaking Parts 1 and 2.

Tip #1: Raise your Listening score

This student already understands English, they just need the strategies.

Prediction is one of the most effective parts of our system.


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Tip #2: Raise your Writing score

This person simply needs to know what the examiner is looking for, and how to fill the requirements for a 7 or 8.

Tip #3: Raise your Reading score

In order to increase this score, you need the time-saving strategies!

This is not a reading comprehension test. You can’t read every word. Basically, you just need to match words!

As this episode was being recorded, we were in the process of adding extra Reading practice to our course about Finding Information in Paragraphs.

What do you think of today’s advice?

Share your thoughts in the comments section below!

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