Lindsay McMahon
"The English Adventurer"
Jessica Beck
"Director of IELTS Training"

Is this your first time taking the IELTS? If so, you are an “IELTS newbie” but don’t worry!

In today’s episode we are going to show you exactly what to do if you are an IELTS newbie!

We’ll give you three easy steps to follow. Check out today’s episode!

We’ll show you what to do if you have a month to prepare or if you have a year to prepare.

Get this free checklist and stop wondering what you should do next.

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If you have 1-2 months:

  • Step 1- Go to a bookstore and look at some of the practice tests. Get a sense of how hard this test will be for you.
  • Step 2- Find someone to help you. Don’t choose a general English conversation teacher. Work with someone who specializes in IELTS (not every ESL exam, just IELTS) and who has systems and strategies that work. Ask to talk with some of the teacher’s former students.
  • Step 3-Make a study plan and get started

If you have 6 months to one year:

  • Step 1- Do not start practicing the test right away! Focus on your general English skills. Take 3-4 months to improve your English. Listen to the All Ears English Podcast. Get a teacher on italki.
  • Step 2- Find good materials and a good course

Be smart about how you use your plan.

Don’t attempt to prepare for the IELTS without a plan.

Work for a few hours each day and you will do fine.

What questions do you have?

Leave your questions in the comments!

If you have a good study plan that you have created, please tell us about it in the comments or email us at

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