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Today we’ll answer some 3 Keys student Facebook questions about IELTS, so you can learn some insider tips.

In our closed Facebook group, students ask very specific questions about their IELTS preparation and practice.

Usually, they receive answers from us the same day!

Question #1:

Do we have only one chance to listen to the section in the IELTS Exam, or is it twice we can listen to the audio?

No, the audio is only played once. However, the beginning of Listening Section 1 is played twice as an example, but this is only 5-10 seconds.

As you only get once chance to listen, you can’t take notes or you will miss answers.

Also, make sure that you practice the Listening Exam with speakers before your exam.

Question #2:

Is the following phrase grammatically correct? “For those who support that …, there are numerous reasons being the pivotal one that…”

I responded that this structure is not completely correct. It would be better to say, “For those who support + noun phrase, there are numerous reasons, the most pivotal one among them being + noun phrase.

Examples of noun phrases: vegetarianism, being a vegetarian

This is a fantastic sentence to use in your IELTS Writing Task 2, as an introduction to paragraph 2.

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Question #3:

On the Listening Exam, which words do I have to start with capital letters, other than names of persons and countries?

Of course, all proper nouns must begin with a capital.

Also, the first word of a complete sentence must be capitalized to be grammatically correct.

If knowing which letters to capitalize is difficult for you, you can write all letters in caps.

Question #4:

Is it possible to write 73rd as 73°?

No- that little circle symbol only denotes ‘degrees‘, as in temperature.

Interestingly, this symbol is used more broadly in Portuguese, but not in English!

What questions do you have about your IELTS Exam?

Leave us a message in the comments section below!

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