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Make your IELTS Speaking Exam a blow out with today’s idioms!

We had a great question from a 3 Keys student in our course Facebook group:

Can we use such slang as “blow off someone’s socks” and “blow up” in IELTS Speaking?

That first phrase we would actually say, “knock someone’s socks off”.

That’s a timeless idiom that we all still say, and it would be great for your Vocabulary score on your IELTS Speaking Exam.

In fact, you must use slang and idioms in Speaking Parts 1 and 2 in order to get a 7 or higher for Vocabulary.

To “blow someone’s socks off” means to really impress someone.

For instance, if you are talking about doing a presentation or job interview.

You could also say “wow” someone to mean the same thing.

As to her second phrase, “blow up”, the most common definition is to explode.

However, natives use it also to describe something that gets popular really fast, like a fashion trend or a song.

For instance, here in the States, the video game Fortnite really blew up this year.

Even kids who have never played this game know all the dances from it.

The next phrase you can use is to “blow someone away”.

This means to really impress someone in a mind-blowing way.

For instance, you could say your project at work “really blew your boss away”, or, “I was blown away by what I learned in my Philosophy class.”

The last phrase is a “blow out”.

It describes a huge event, like a big sale or party.

Choose one or two of today’s idioms and add them to your vocabulary notebook!

These increase your Speaking score!

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