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Today you’ll learn what the perfect IELTS vocabulary lists look like, how to get them, and you’ll get examples of the highest scoring words that get you that 7, 8 or 9.

Vocabulary is important for every section on IELTS and you need to know how to prepare by learning the right kinds of words.

It is also one of the fastest ways to increase your score in Speaking and Writing and even Listening.

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What should you avoid when you choose vocabulary words to study?

  • Avoid words that are too specific. If you learn words that only apply to one specific topic then they won’t help you much on IELTS
  • Avoid learning the wrong definition or the dictionary definition that is not correct or modern.

Here are sample words that you don’t want on your vocabulary list. Words that is so specific that you could only use them in for like one question out of a million.

  • Bracket- It means a support for a weight that is usually attached to a wall. This is so specific that there are very few situations in which you would need to use it on IELTS. Don’t focus on words like these.
  • Geriatric- It means elderly. Many times this word is used in the wrong way and if you learn this by focusing only on the dictionary definition you will use it wrong.

Better words for IELTS:

Here are some words and phrases that could be used for a multitude of common IELTS topics.

  • Aesthetic- it means appearance. You can use it to describe what a restaurant looks like, what your food looks like, clothing, material or any kind of physical experience.
  • In one’s golden years- it means the elderly phase of your life. This would be great to describe your life plans or even your family members and their lives.

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Aubrey shares vocabulary for describing an elderly person on our YouTube channel.

Impolite: old, ancient

Polite: Elderly, advanced in years, getting older

Idioms for getting older

  • No spring chicken
  • Get on in years

Be descriptive and tell a story!

Hobbies: baking, quilting, playing games

Personality traits: kindness, selflessness, thoughtfulness, sense of humor


Watch the video now!


So don’t just download a list with a bunch of words and definitions, you must have these words in context!

You must have words that will be easy to apply in many situations and you must know how to use them.

Join 3 Keys IELTS to guarantee your score increase.

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