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Jessica Beck
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In American culture it’s good to be opinionated!

It’s good to have preferences for certain things over other things because it makes people respect you.

The same is true on the IELTS.

You need to be able to express your opinion in a few different sections on the IELTS Exam.

On the Writing test you need to put your opinion in the essay on Writing Task 2.

You must show a strong “position” or opinion to get a 7 or above.

On the IELTS Speaking test it doesn’t carry the same weight of importance to share your opinion but you are asked about your opinions, especially in Speaking Part 3.

So if you are going to show strong opinions on the IELTS then you need to develop strong opinions.

We have already shown you how to create a culture of thinking for IELTS.

You need to read newspapers, watch the news, read books, and expose yourself to what is happening out in the world.

Here are some phrases to express your opinion:

  • “My frank and honest opinion is that…”- using the word “frank” is a good way to stand out because it’s less common vocabulary
  • “It is my firm belief that…” – this shows an awesome grammar structure and good vocabulary
  • “To my mind/in my mind…”
  • “I’m inclined to believe that…”

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