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What does IELTS valid mean to you? Understanding this term will save you a great deal of time in your preparation.

On the podcast, we often use the term ‘IELTS valid’ in describing a range of things, from resources, to test practice, to behavior. So, let’s learn exactly how we, at IELTS Energy, define this important idea.

Use today’s advice to guide you in creating a solid study plan to prepare you for the real IELTS Exam. Don’t waste your time on anything that won’t help you on IELTS, or, perhaps, even lower your scores!

IELTS Valid Resources

  • Are movies and TV shows a waste of time? Definitely not! These create a culture of thinking– putting ideas in your head that you can reflect on, deepening your perspective on issues, and giving you more to speak and write about.
    • Choose movies and programs that not every other IELTS candidate watches- try indie films, for instance. Being able to talk about less common stories will help you stand out in front of the examiner!
  • Choose writing that will challenge you, and present a high-level of communication that you can learn from. The New York Times, The Guardian, Vogue, graphic novels, and novels are resources I suggest! These also add to your culture of thinking.
  • As for more IELTS-valid listening resources, discover a new podcast every week that is made for native speakers– not students. This is important as there are no visuals and the language is native.
  • Speaking English at work is fantastic, but it’s not enough for IELTS. You must practice talking about a wide range of topics.
  • In addition, talking to yourself is excellent preparation, but you do need to talk to another person, as you will on test day. Try to find someone online if you can’t access an English speaker where you live.


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IELTS Valid Test Practice

The above ideas will improve your level of English as needed for the IELTS Exam, but you must also practice the test!

  • Listening
  • Reading
    • Choose resources that are the same level as the exam, from a trusted source.
    • Time yourself step-by-step at first, until you are comfortable completing the exam in 60 minutes.
    • Don’t always practice at home. That’s too comfortable! Try the library, or a conference room at the office.
  • Writing
  • Speaking
    • Practice current questions, about a wide range of topics.
    • Ask a friend or co-worker to act like the examiner, so you practice answering these questions in front of another person.

Is your preparation IELTS valid?

Tell us about it in the comments section below!


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