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In today’s episode you will get the exact way to organize your time for IELTS Writing Task 1 and IELTS Writing Task 2.

Are you worried about time management on the Writing test?

When it comes to time management, here is what you should NOT do:

DON’T skip ahead to Writing Task 2 and spend most of your time on that. Many bad IELTS teachers suggest this but the problem is that if you do this you won’t have enough time for Writing Task 1.

Instead here is what you should do: DO complete the essays in order.

Complete Writing Task 1 first because it’s shorter.

Get it out of the way and use it as a warm up.

Do what the exam tells you.

Start with Task 1.

How to manage time on Writing Task 1:

We have three steps in the writing process.

We need to plan, write, and check.

It’s good to make sure that you spend enough time planning.

Spend 2-3 minutes planning for Task 1.

Write out a solid essay and plan. Brainstorm.  You must do the planning to get a high score in task achievement and cohesion and coherence (organization).

Spend 15 minutes writing.

Spend the few remaining minutes checking your essay. You must check your work to get a high score for vocabulary and grammar.

Each of these three steps are necessary to get a high score in Writing Task 1.

How to manage time for Writing Task 2:

In IELTS Writing Task 2 spend 5 minutes brainstorming and planning. There are no bad ideas. Try to write continuously for the full five minutes.

Spend 30 minutes writing.

Leave 5 minutes to check. Look for spelling mistakes and repeated vocabulary.

When should you start timing your test practice?

Don’t prepare under test conditions until you have learned the 3-step strategies and practiced them thoroughly.

At that time you can start worrying about time management but not before then.

In the 3 Keys IELTS Success System we go into more detail about this system and exactly how to use it. Check this page and watch the video to learn more.

What questions do you have?

Let us know in the comments below.

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