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Zuzana is our most recent Writing Wizard winner. She teaches us today her secret for getting AMAZING vocabulary to use on IELTS Writing Task 2 and the Speaking exam.writing winner amazing vocabulary zuzana

Interestingly, she has a lot in common with last month’s winner, Ricardo!

They both love to read Dan Brown, and thank his novel’s for amazing vocabulary that they can use to get high scores on IELTS.

Powerful Advice

Before our course, Zuzana took IELTS and got a 6 in Writing. She needs at least a 7 in each category and a 7.5 overall in order to stay in New Zealand and continue in her career.

Zuzana learned a great deal in our course, and in our Power Hours. We offer 3 Power Hour classes a month. This is when students meet with me and get detailed feedback on their writing and speaking.

In our course and through the classes, Zuzana improved her writing by becoming more focused on the Task 2 question, learning how to brainstorm more effectively, and practicing the most difficult IELTS Task 2 questions.

Examples of Zuzana’s Amazing Writing

Here are some excerpts from Zuzana’s winning essay this month:

Amazing vocabulary phrases:

With today´s ubiquity of the internet and electronic gizmos, …

…  a powerful tradition that has been present among humans since the invention of letters. 

Strong imagery in her supporting details:

… our next generations of the feeling of physically holding a book in their hands, touching the pages and smelling the unique smell of paper with ink on it.


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Zuzana’s Winning Vocabulary Secret

Zuzana loves to read Dan Brown novels, as, according to her, this author paints a picture with his words.

  • When she sees a new word or phrase that she wants to learn and use, she looks it up in the dictionary.
  • Then, she records it in her vocabulary notebook, along with the sentence containing the word or phrase. This is vital in order to understand the context in which to use the new language.
  • Finally, she practices using the new words while writing and speaking, always keeping her vocab. notebook in front of her, forcing herself to work in the new language.

Zuzana’s Inspiring Quote


“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.”

After we finished recording, Zuzana told me that she really wanted to share this quote with all the listeners. This idea is necessary to IELTS candidates looking to push up their scores. The hardest part is the beginning, then, with practice and hard work, all skills become easier and easier.

I’m inspired as well!

What do you think of Zuzana’s advice?

Leave us a note in the comments section below!



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